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FAA Reauthorization Bill Introduced in House

April 19, 2018 - The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on April 13 introduced a five-year FAA reauthorization bill (H.R. 4) that would provide the agency with more stable long-term funding.

EAA views the bipartisan bill, which does not contain any provisions for ATC privatization, to be generally positive for general aviation.

“Reauthorization will allow the FAA to work under a more normal business rhythm with consistent funding and keep the agency’s modernization plan moving forward,” said EAA CEO & Chairman of the Board Jack J. Pelton. “This includes the implementation of ADS-B, where the general aviation fleet is equipping at a much faster rate than the airlines.”

EAA will continue to monitor the movement of the reauthorization bill and looks forward to Congress’ continued advancement of stable funding for the FAA. A reauthorization bill introduced in the Senate last year, also without ATC privatization provisions, is also generally seen as positive toward general aviation.

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