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FAA Seeks Comments on Removing Redundant Approach Procedures

April 23, 2015 - The FAA has published a proposal in the Federal Register that would remove “redundant or underutilized” ground-based NDB and VOR standard instrument approach procedures (SIAPs). The proposal, part of the FAA’s VOR minimum operational network (MON) implementation plan, would cancel 736 SIAPs as the FAA decommissions VORs across the country and transitions to NextGen.

New technology has allowed for the introduction of more simplistic and cost-effective RNAV instrument approach procedures. As a result of the FAA’s ADS-B mandate, a majority of aircraft will have the capability to fly these approaches by 2020. As RNAV is expanded, the FAA will gradually phase out existing ground-based navigational infrastructure. Recognizing the need for a back-up to GPS for many GA aircraft, the FAA will be maintaining a reduced number of VORs.

Members are encouraged to view the list of proposed cancellations to see if approaches near them have been affected. The FAA has invited comments and will be accepting them through May 28. Read the complete proposal and learn how to comment.

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