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SkillScore Powered by CloudAhoy

September 12, 2019 - At EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019, EAA announced the release of the SkillScore Tracker, a tool that works through the CloudAhoy mobile app and allows pilots to measure flying proficiency on an EAA web portal or their mobile devices.

Best described as an automated personal flight debriefer, CloudAhoy combines flight tracking and position data with wind, airport, and navigation information and delivers a comprehensive analysis of every flight. The app can record its own data, or it can import flight tracking information from other popular applications and GPS devices, and the analysis can be viewed on both mobile and desktop platforms. The company stresses the importance of objective and analytical post-flight debriefs to aid in learning and to assist in building and reinforcing good habits among pilots.

CloudAhoy was founded by Chuck (Tsachi) Shavit in 2011 after Shavit had written a 3D flight tracking app to help with his flight training a couple of years earlier. He realized that his app might be useful to other pilots, and with his wife and fellow software engineer, Tani, and their friend Etan Rozin, a user interface designer, he built and released the first public version. Chuck, who has a degree in physics from Tel Aviv University, went on to get his instrument rating and is currently working on his commercial certificate.

Since that time, the app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms, has proven popular with pilots at all levels, whether they're training for a certificate or rating, or just trying to improve their own personal proficiency.

The EAA SkillScore Tracker integrates with CloudAhoy and uses that data to generate a comprehensive, personalized, and confidential SkillScore, confirming a pilot's overall strengths or need for additional work.

"The principles behind this feature are very similar to the fitness trackers millions of people use for exercise," said Rick Larsen, EAA's vice president programs, publications, and marketing. "Using this app with every flight measures flying skills in several categories to determine where a pilot stands. These scores are easy to track and establish a way for pilots to be more proficient in the sky."

Some of the scoring measurements include:

  • Quality of flight (stability of landing approach, maintaining altitude in straight-and-level flight and in turns, and quality of FAA-standard maneuvers such as steep turns)
  • Number of takeoffs and landings within 90 days
  • Number of flights with a flight instructor
  • Time spent in the air

While the EAA SkillScore Tracker is free to all EAA members, CloudAhoy also offers more in-depth and detailed analyses for premium account holders.

More information about the EAA SkillScore Tracker and other proficiency offerings is available at EAA.org/Proficiency.

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