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Want Your ADS-B Rebate?

Make Sure You Fly in Compliant Airspace!

October 6, 2016 - The recently announced $500 rebate being offered by the FAA is now available for aircraft owners. The rebate offer seems to be starting well because, as of September 29, the FAA had received more than 2,800 requests for the rebate process. That is impressive in just 10 days since the FAA launched rebate program’s website.

There are, however, a few points that have created confusion for aircraft owners. Those were shared by EAA and others at last week’s Equip 2020 industry/FAA meeting. Topping off the list was FAA’s requirement that in order to qualify for the rebate, you must validate the operation of the new ADS-B out equipment in rule compliant airspace. This means that after you select the desired TSO’d equipment, put in a reservation for the rebate, and have the equipment installed, you must then go out and fly in Class B or Class C airspace, or above 10,000 feet anywhere in the U.S. with ADS-B coverage, as part of the validation process. 

Fill out the validation request form and follow the steps to receive proper validation.  This is a required step in the rebate process, and if you do not follow the requirements, and most importantly perform the flight in rule compliant airspace as described above, you will not receive your rebate.  Many, many validation reports are being sent back to the reservation holder as they have not been flights inside the required airspace.  EAA is asking FAA to continue to clarify these important steps as part of the instructions on its rebate website.

So get out there and validate your new ADS-B in Class B, Class C, or above 10,000 feet!

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