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Pilots: Do Not Voluntarily Surrender Your Medical

November 23, 2016 - It has come to EAA’s attention that some pilots have been counseled to voluntarily surrender their medical certificates in anticipation of the implementation of aeromedical reform provisions signed into law in July. Some claims have been made that such surrenders preserve a pilot’s eligibility to fly under the new law, which the FAA has been directed to implement by mid-January.

The FAA generally treats a voluntary surrender of a medical certificate as a revocation, which would make the pilot ineligible to fly under the provisions of PBOR2 as well as the current sport pilot rules.

Pilots are always free to allow a medical to lapse at any time and preserve their eligibility.

If at any point the FAA would like a medical certificate to be returned (usually during the application process), they will make the request abundantly clear.

The same applies to other certificates. The decision to surrender should never be made lightly or without consultation with an aviation attorney.

EAA’s Legal Advisory Council stands ready to answer basic questions for members, and its Aeromedical Advisory Council and Pilot Advocate AMEs stand ready to help members with medical questions. Call 800-564-6322 for more information.

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