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FAA Releases NPRM Concerning Flight Instructors

The FAA recently released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that is of interest to the flight instructor community and to those who are involved in the renewal of instructor certificates. The FAA is seeking comments on proposals described in the NPRM on or before June 22, 2023. The proposals include the removal of the 24-month expiration date on flight instructor certificates, replacing it with a 24-month recent experience requirement. Each of the current instructor renewal options would now be a method of demonstrating this recent experience.

Additionally, the NPRM proposes adding a new method of establishing recent experience and to allow a flight instructor whose recent experience has lapsed by no more than three calendar months to reinstate flight instructor privileges by taking an approved flight instructor refresher course rather than completing a flight instructor certification practical test. The FAA is also proposing to add two new methods under which a flight instructor may become qualified to provide training to initial flight instructor applicants.

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