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Volunteer Hours: The Value of YOUR Time

By Michelle Holt, EAA Convention Coordinator

June 30, 2020 – Reporting your volunteer hours provides EAA with the key insights needed to obtain critical funding through grants, sponsorships, and donations.

Recording your volunteer hours helps us to quantify the success of EAA's programs. They provide a snapshot of what we are accomplishing together.

Your hours are valuable in detailing and highlighting the impact each team has to EAA's operations; what your team accomplishes and how critical you are to EAA's success.

Year-Round Volunteers

Year-round volunteer hours at EAA headquarters are tracked and recorded. However, volunteer hours out in the field are not tracked or recorded by EAA headquarters. We encourage all of our volunteers in the field to track their volunteer hours at the local level and celebrate the impact you make to the organization.

AirVenture Volunteers

AirVenture volunteer hours are tracked through the chairman or staff liaison for your team. Please make sure that your hours count. If you volunteer your time making preparations for the convention, your hours count. If you volunteer post-convention to tear down, clean up, or in some other way support that year's convention, your hours count. Make sure ALL of your hours count by reporting them to your team leader.

Don't know how? Need help? Please check with your volunteer chairman or EAA staff liaison on how to track your volunteer hours. Your team leaders are there to help you and will show you how to track and report your hours to them.

YOU make a difference. Thank you for giving of your time and yourself to support EAA in the ways you do. Whether it's providing Young Eagles flights, giving guided tours in the museum, building and restoring aircraft, maintaining the grounds, or through many of the numerous other ways, YOU make it happen. Thank you for being part of it!

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