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We're Not Kicking Back

By Steve Taylor, EAA Director of Facilities

June 30, 2020 – With the cancellation of AirVenture, don’t worry — we’re not kicking back and relaxing here in facilities, as there is no shortage of work or grass to be cut around the site.

Prior to the cancellation, we had begun the implementation of a number of site projects that stemmed from last year’s transportation study conducted by Northwestern University. We were looking for ways to improve on the flow of traffic into and around the site for efficiency, and the overall safety of all who attend the event.

One of the major projects is the installation of a four-lane roadway into the Gray Lot off of Poberezny Road that includes a shuttle hub for buses, which will be used to transport guests to the Bus Park. This entryway will greatly improve the traffic flow into the site, thus reducing backups trying to enter the parking lots.

Once on the site, work is in the beginning stages of a new shuttle hub at Gate E-27, south of Hangar B. This shuttle hub will support both a tram stop for a south tram loop to Ultralight and one north to Waukau Avenue. Just outside the gate adjacent to the tram stop will be a new bus stop where guests can catch a bus back into the campground.

There never seems to be a shortage of rain during Oshkosh, at least at the beginning of the event; we have all experienced its aftermath of wet and muddy conditions. We have begun testing a product referred to as Perfo matting. This is a grass reinforcement material that is laid out and slightly embedded into the ground; it allows grass to grow through it, lets water permeate through, and allows you to drive or taxi over it without creating so much mud. We are currently installing test areas in Camp Scholler, parking lots, and on the south grass taxiway.

Speaking of the past years and rain, what a better time than now without AirVenture to take this opportunity to make repairs to the site from damages sustained from low areas holding water, muddy tore-up roadways, and ruts. In doing so, we are using all the excavated soil from the new Gray Lot roadway to conduct these repairs and reseed those locations. This will give it a good year to settle out and grow in time for AirVenture 2021.

As we all know, with the vast infrastructure required to support the event, there is an endless need to maintain the buildings that many of you occupy during your time here. With that, we are continuing to conduct repairs and upkeep requirements during this time as we look forward to AirVenture 2021.

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