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Pilot Proficiency Center Simulations

The EAA Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC) at EAA® AirVenture® Oshkosh™ offers pilots and instructors an unparalleled opportunity to experience the power of flight simulation training as a proficiency builder. The PPC venue features 14 Redbird advanced aviation training devices and a crosswind trainer. CFIs from around the country are there to guide pilots through professionally developed flight scenarios and exercises. Experts from Redbird Flight Simulations, PilotEdge, Jeppesen, Mindstar Aviation, Community Aviation, SAFE, and NAFI are on hand to share best practices for proficiency training.

Now you can experience a taste of this training year-round from the comfort of your home, or to receive the full PPC experience (including FAA Wings Credit) at a Community Aviation Network site near you! This is EAA® Proficiency365™!

There are three components to flying an EAA® Proficiency365™ simulation exercise:

  • Pilot Kit – This document includes the exercise briefing and essential flight planning documents. EAA Members can preview descriptions of the Pilot Kit and download them for free below (a savings of $4.95 per kit).
  • Simulator – Setup the scenario on a home flight simulator using the parameters in the Pilot Kit.
  • Certified Flight Instructor – To obtain FAA Wings credit, access the scenario from the Navigator network on a Redbird simulator and fly the exercise with an approved Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Community Aviation maintains a network of sites that rent Redbird time (typically, $30-80/hour). The Network includes a list of CFIs certified to administer the exercises.

The EAA Proficiency™ exercises are offered with support from:

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