EAA SkillScore Tracker

Thanks to a partnership between EAA and CloudAhoy, EAA members can now access this personal proficiency management tool – SkillScoreTM Tracker. This tool provides personalized proficiency score information just for you. Content is based on data collected using CloudAhoy, encouraging evidence-based behavior change leading to improved aviation proficiency and skill.

Using the CloudAhoy app with every flight will measure flying skills in several categories to determine where you stand as a pilot, the data behind the EAA SkillScore, and where improvement can take place. These scores are easy to track, to use as a guide and, most importantly, establishes a way for you to become more proficient in the sky. 

Some of the measurements in the proprietary tracking and scoring system include:

  • Quality of flight (encompassing such factors as stability of landing approach, maintaining altitude in straight-and-level flight and turns, and quality of FAA-standard maneuvers such as steep turns)
  • Number of takeoffs and landings within the last 90 days
  • Number of flights with a flight instructor
  • Time spent in the air

To obtain your personal SkillScore, you will need to be a current EAA member. Current members just need to log in to the EAA website to begin or learn more. 

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