Aluminum Overcast Specifications

Designed by:

Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington
Built under license by Vega Aircraft Company (now Lockheed)


B-17G Flying Fortress

Army Air Corps serial number:


Delivery date:

May 18, 1945

Required crew (10):

Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigator, Bombardier, Flight Engineer (top turret gunner), Radio Operator, Waist Gunners (2), Tail Gunner and Ball Turret Gunner


Basic Empty Weight - 34,000 lbs

Gross Weight (Wartime) - 65,500 lbs

Fuel capacity:

1,700 gallons

Wing span:

103 feet, 9 inches


74 feet, 4 inches


19 feet, 1 inch

Number built:

12,732. Production peaked at 16 airplanes a day in April 1944. Today, there about a dozen B-17s still flying.

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