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2019 Inductee

James Morris "Morry" Hummel, EAA 8892

Morry HummelMorry Hummel was born on August 5, 1915, in Bryan, Ohio. He started building models as a kid, and his love of aviation continued to grow. He worked for Howard Aircraft in Chicago in 1939, followed by a few years at Curtiss-Wright. Morry started in the auto body and restoration business in 1950, but aviation still had a hold as he learned to fly, soloing an Aeronca Champ in 1959 and getting his certificate early in 1960. He retired in 1977 and enjoyed flying his Corben Junior Ace to fly-ins around the country, including to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Morry built a Windwagon starting in 1979, modifying it to use larger bulkheads to support a canopy and a shoulder harness and converting it to a taildragger. When Jack Cox wrote an article about the airplane for EAA Sport Aviation in 1982, he dubbed Morry's creation the HummelBird. Working with a friend, Morry started selling plans for the airplane in the summer of 1983. In addition, he made plans available for the 1/2 VW engine he used. With those two offerings, Hummel Aviation was born. In 1995, while he was recuperating from severe injuries he'd suffered in the crash of his Mini-Max, Morry was inspired to design the UltraCruiser, an all-metal ultralight, which first flew five years later.

Morry continued flying until he was 91. He died in 2010 at the age of 94.

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