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What started as a handful of passionate enthusiasts has developed into a major force—and a significant component—of the aircraft industry.

Amateur-Built Documents

What documents do I need to carry in my homebuilt? Do any need to be displayed?

You must carry the following documents in your amateur-built aircraft:

Airworthiness Certificate
Certificate of Aircraft Registration
Operating Limitations
Weight and Balance Data

The only document that needs to be displayed is the airworthiness certificate. This is required by 14 CFR 91.203(b), which states:

”(b) No person may operate a civil aircraft unless the airworthiness certificate required by paragraph (a) of this section or a special flight authorization issued under § 91.715 is displayed at the cabin or cockpit entrance so that it is legible to passengers or crew.”

Note that there is no requirement that the airworthiness certificate be visible from the outside. Only that it is legible to passengers or crew.

The operating limitations, weight and balance info, and registration certificate must be carried aboard the aircraft, but do not need to be displayed.

For international operations (other than Canada), you will also need an aircraft radio station license. This can be obtained from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). More information on the aircraft radio station license

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