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How to Get Your Repairman Certificate

When should I apply for my Repairman Certificate?
Make application for a Repairman Certificate (experimental aircraft builder) at the time of original certification of the aircraft.

What are the requirements?
You must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or an individual of a foreign country who has been admitted for permanent residence in the United States.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be the "primary builder" of the aircraft.
  • Be able to demonstrate to the FAA inspector your ability to perform condition inspections and to determine whether the subject aircraft is in a condition for safe operation.

What does "primary builder" mean?
FAA does not define this term. EAA considers the primary builder to the person who's signature is on Form 8130-6, block III attesting to the airworthiness of the amateur built aircraft.

I am building my aircraft with a partner and we each have put in the same amount of time building, can we both receive a Repairman Certificate?
No, only one person is eligible for a Repairman Certificate for a specific homebuilt. Therefore you will have to decide who gets the Repairman Certificate. That person's name should be listed on FAA Form 8130-6, block III attesting to the airworthiness of the amateur built aircraft.

I am thinking about buying a 95% complete project from another builder, will I be able to get a Repairman Certificate?
The only person who is eligible for the repairman certificate for an amateur-built aircraft is the "primary builder". However, there is no official FAA definition of "primary builder" so it will be up to the FAA inspector who accepts your application to determine if you meet the requirement or not. This is done through an interview process that includes a review of the aircraft construction records. If you are able to convince the FAA inspector that you are indeed the "primary builder" and that you have the requisite skill necessary for determining whether the aircraft is in condition for safe operation, you may be deemed to meet the eligibility requirements and will be issued the repairman certificate. But if the project is substantially completed when you purchase it, you might find it difficult to convince the FAA that you are indeed the "primary builder".

Our EAA Chapter is building a Kitfox as a group project, who will be able to get the Repairman Certificate?
When a Chapter (or school, club, or partnership) builds an aircraft, only one individual will be considered for a Repairman Certificate for each aircraft built. Typically, the designated project leader will be the one who applies for the Repairman Certificate. The project leader should also be the on who signs for the airworthiness of the aircraft on FAA Form 8130-6 block III.

I have an A&P, should I bother applying for the Repairman Certificate on the plane I'm building?
Yes! That way if you allow your A&P license to lapse, you will still be able to inspect and sign off the condition inspection of your homebuilt.

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