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High Wing - Steel Tube, Wood and Fabric

Earl Luce has created plans based on the original Buttercup
Luce Air
3 Main Street
Brockport, NY

Telephone: 585-637-5768

Website: http://www.luceair.com

Articles in EAA and related publications:

 Year Month Page Magazine Article
 2006 08 22 Sport Aviation The Way It Was... Still Is: It's Not a Dream at Munsil's 8 pg (current project Wittman Buttercup)
 2003 09 06 Experimenter Aircraft Spruce Adds Fabricated Wittman Buttercup Kits (1/3 pg)
 2003 08 20 Sport Aviation LuceAir Starts Tri-Gear Buttercup (1/2 pg)
 2003 04 60 Sport Aviation Buttercup Reborn: A reproduction gives Steve Wittman's classic sportplane new life (7 pgs) Jack Cox
 2002 10 39 Sport Aviation Earl Luce’s Buttercup at AirVenture 2002 (1/2 pg)
 2002 06 22 Sport Aviation Buttercup Flies Again... For the First Time (2/3 pg)
 2002 03 24 Sport Aviation Luce, Buttercup Ready for First Flight (3/4 pg)
 1993 01 05 Sport Aviation Hotline: Buttercup flying with new wing tips (note & picture)
 1992 10 11 Sport Aviation Hotline: Buttercup being rebuilt with Tailwind style wing tips (note & picture)
 1989 05 11 Sport Aviation Buttercup (8 pages)

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