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Fifth Annual Homebuilders Convention a Success in Parana, Argentina

July 2016 - We wanted to inform you about our fifth annual 2016 Homebuilders Convention May 28-29, hosted by EAA Chapter 1339 in Paraná, Argentina.

It was an event that filled us with immense satisfaction, not only for the number of attendees and exhibitors, but the moral and intellectual quality of those who freely gave us their time and knowledge.

Humbly but happily, we can now say it is an international event since we received a visit of the Uruguayan Association of Experimental Aircraft Builders of Montevideo.

Gathering at this event were teachers who came from the faculties of aeronautical engineering at La Plata and Córdoba, and included such builders such as Andres Calcagno, Jorge Cleva, Carlos Reynoso, and Orlando Pilatti.

Professors such as Claudio Rimoldi, Jorge García, Santiago Centeno, Omar Elaskar, Jorge Arce of ANAC Paraná, Atilio Persano, Adolfo Bikkesbakker, and Hugo Perdigón all participated.

They explored and presented on topics such as flight planning, adaptation of the automobile engine to an aircraft, aeronautical developments in composite materials, and material corrosion in aircraft design and construction of a drone propelled by solar power.

Also, there was a presentation of the latest design of the Cicaré helicopter. Attendees were lectured on the construction of a Legal Eagle, and there were hands-on workshops on fabric covering, how to build wood ribs, and weight and balance of an aircraft – in this case in the Puma LV-X602.

Our convention enriches and empowers us in our objectives in experimental aviation.

A special mention goes out to all the aeronautical students of the faculties of Córdoba and La Plata for their active participation, their desire to learn, and their behavior, reflecting values that are so missing in these times.

Roberto Zampatti

Chapter 1339 President

Edgardo Moreno

Chapter 1339 Secretary

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