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FAQ - How Does Your Chapter Use Facebook?

May 2018 - This month’s question: Those chapters that have Facebook pages. Do you accept everyone as members on your page, or do you hold it to members of the chapter? We like to allow those with interest to see the page, but sometimes allowing outsiders to post can become an issue. What is your experience? - Paul Schafer, EAA Member 621763, Chapter 495, Manassas, Virginia

Read answers below:

“The page should be open to anyone, but only designated persons in the chapter should be able to post.”- Brian Crull, EAA Lifetime 795892, President of EAA Chapter 67, Noblesville, Indiana

“We actually have two pages. One only for members to see and post to, and one for the general public to see but only a designated individual to post to.” - Joe McBride, EAA 839821, Treasurer of EAA Chapter 579, Oswego, Illinois

“We have an open page for all to view and post to. Unfortunately, we only have a few people who post anything, although many folks will comment. We want to keep it open to attract as many people to the sport of flying ultralights as possible, seeing as how our peers are fewer in number than GA.” - Jim Pfarr, EAA 1090432, President of Ultralight Chapter 1, Germantown, Wisconsin

“Chapter 320 has a page that is public, but we also have a group that is secret. That way we can pass internal traffic (some of which can have personal information) that the public doesn’t necessarily need to see. Our public page also has a link to the GoFundMe campaign that we just launched for improvements on our recently acquired hangar.” - Rich Fraser, EAA 810342, Vice President of EAA Chapter 320, Watertown, Wisconsin

Do you have a question you would like answered by your chapter peers? Send it to David Leiting at dleiting@eaa.org or post is in the EAA Chapter Leader Chat on Facebook and we will feature it in an upcoming ChapterGram!
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