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Chapter Recognition - 10 Part Series to Improve Your Chapter

June 2019 - In 2019 EAA will be rolling out the Chapter Recognition Program. This program is designed to help chapters improve the experience for their local members, and to recognize our many outstanding chapters. Chapter recognition will be based on 10 criteria and how many of those criteria a chapter meets.

The 10 criteria are as follows

Each month, EAA will highlight one of the criteria and show your chapter how to take advantage of a potential new opportunity.

  1. Current chapter leaders who have attended chapter leadership training.
  2. The chapter membership is growing or holding steady.
  3. The chapter offers an EAA IMC or VMC Club.
  4. The chapter participates in the Young Eagles or Flying Start program.
  5. The chapter has an EAA-approved flight advisor or technical counselor.
  6. The chapter partakes in the annual EAA Chapter Survey.
  7. Chapter leaders regularly read EAA's ChapterGram.
  8. The chapter has used a ChapterBlast or ordered promotional materials.
  9. The chapter hosts at least two public events per year.
  10. The chapter owns or leases a facility.

June's Criteria — Activity Equals Success

EAA's stated mission is to "grow participation in aviation, through sharing the spirit of aviation." EAA chapters are the best conduits for sharing the spirit of aviation. It is because of EAA chapters that more than 2 million Young Eagles have been flown, and it is because of the EAA chapter network's ability to make an impact on the next generation of pilots that the Ray Foundation asked EAA chapters to steward the Ray Aviation Scholarship program.

These are just two small examples of why EAA encourages chapters to participate in the Young Eagles and Flying Start programs. Chapter members are always excited about sharing The Spirit of Aviation, and a positive impact can be made on the community members around you!

About the Two Programs

Young Eagles Launched in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated more than 25 years to giving youths ages 8-17 their first, free, ride in an airplane.

It's the largest and most successful program of its kind, with the sole mission to inspire kids and introduce them to the world of aviation.

EAA chapters all over the world host Young Eagle rallies on a regular basis. The rally is a popular activity for a number of reasons. A chapter can concentrate volunteer resources to fly Young Eagles, handle paperwork, and focus on safety. It is often easier to handle groups of children, such as from a youth group or school, and there is a social aspect of participating with other volunteers on a flight day.

The most popular day to host a Young Eagles rally is on the second Saturday in June, which is International Young Eagles Day.

EAA has an entire Young Eagle rally planner available to your chapter to help you plan your event.

Flying Start EAA's Flying Start program provides EAA chapters with an opportunity to reach out into the local community and bring those interested in aviation to the airport for a first-hand look at the wonders of flight.

The program consists of an EAA-prepared presentation and video that provide information about topics ranging from what is involved in flight training and the types of certificates one can pursue, to how much it will cost in both time and money. EAA chapters can customize the presentation with information about their local chapter and flight training resources.

After the presentation, Flying Start attendees experience aviation first-hand with a free introductory Eagle Flight provided by an EAA volunteer pilot. Attendees will also get a free six-month EAA membership, and participating chapters are encouraged to pair that with a six-month chapter membership.

Other resources include a free Flying Start banner customized for your chapter, promotional emails, and even customizable marketing materials.

International Learn to Fly Day is always the third Saturday in May, and that is when the most EAA Flying Start events occur. To learn more about Flying Start and how your chapter can get involved visit EAA.org/flyingstart, and see the story elsewhere in this issue.

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