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Chapter Recognition - 10 Part Series to Improve Your Chapter

October 2019 - This year marks EAA's rollout of the Chapter Recognition program, designed to help chapters improve the experience for their local members and to recognize our many outstanding chapters. Chapter Recognition is based on 10 criteria, including how many of those criteria a chapter meets. .

The 10 criteria are as follows. Each month, EAA will highlight one of the criteria and show your chapter how to take advantage of a potential new opportunity.

  1. Current chapter leaders who have attended chapter leadership training.
  2. The chapter membership is growing or holding steady.
  3. The chapter offers an EAA IMC or VMC Club.
  4. The chapter participates in the Young Eagles or Flying Start program.
  5. The chapter has an EAA-approved flight advisor or technical counselor.
  6. The chapter partakes in the annual EAA Chapter Survey.
  7. Chapter leaders regularly read EAA's ChapterGram.
  8. The chapter has used a ChapterBlast or ordered promotional materials.
  9. The chapter hosts at least two public events per year.
  10. The chapter owns or leases a facility.

October's Criterion — Member Participation in Annual Chapter Survey

About the Annual Chapter Member Survey

In 2017, EAA began sending out an annual survey to all chapters for distribution to their members. Just in time for this article, the 2019 survey is now available here. Please forward this to all of your chapter members.

This survey helps give EAA a direct look into how the chapter member experience can be improved. The results from this survey have gone on to shape many of the Chapter Leadership Academies and Boot Camps.

More importantly, the results of this survey are shared back to the chapter. The chapter can then use these results to gauge the satisfaction level of their members. Using these results, the chapter can improve the overall member experience.

The primary areas of focus in the survey are the following:

  • How did you learn about your chapter?
  • How likely are you to recommend your chapter and why?
  • What activities does your chapter partake in, and which do you want to see added?
  • How would you rate the experience at your monthly chapter gathering?
  • EAA also collects basic chapter member demographics.

In addition to viewing the chapter-specific results, leaders are able to compare theirs to the results of the entire chapter network. Again, this can help chapter leaders tweak their operations to bring the member experience up to the network average, and also see in which areas they are knocking it out of the ballpark.

EAA is encouraging your chapter to forward this survey on to all of its members. Ask them to please complete the survey by December 1. By getting 25 percent of your chapter members to take the survey, you will receive partial credit for this criterion. Additionally, the average member satisfaction score should be 80 percent. Combining these two calculations is how your chapter receives the Chapter Recognition point.

To learn more about the program, please visit EAA.org/ChapterRecognition.

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