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Chapter Membership Roster Management Tool

John Egan, EAA 336835

February 15, 2022– Keeping track of your chapter membership is more than simply having a list of dues-paying members. It is a single source of truth of who is a member in your chapter, their membership type in the chapter, and readily available to those who need it.

Here at EAA in the chapters office, we often refer to “source of truth” as the list or data that we consider accurate. Take a membership list for a specific chapter for example. Often, on any given month, the chapter newsletter editor may email the monthly newsletter using a list of members that they believe is accurate, while in fact, the chapter gained a couple of new members and potentially lost one. In this case, the chapter treasurer being dues collector may manage the official membership list (source of truth), however it resides on the treasurer’s computer and inaccessible to others, even the other chapter officers. Potentially every once in a while, the chapter officers sort it out, and share a correct membership list with each other for a while. By now, you know where I’m going with this. Chapter officers and coordinators of programs need to be working off the same list, and we can help make this happen.


EAA’s Roster Management Tool provides a single source of truth for your membership records, and is accessible by those who need it, when they need it. The EAA Roster Management Tool also pulls in the EAA national membership, as well as Youth Protection Training and background check expiration dates for each of your members. This is pulled on a weekly basis directly from the national membership database, and allows you to create a shareable roster with the simple click of a button.

Some of the unique features of the tool include:

  • The option to upload photos if you’d like a pictorial directory.
  • The ability to mark certain data fields “private” if members do not want their phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses shared.
  • The ability to select active or inactive status on individual person records so you can maintain records even for folks who are deceased or have moved away.
  • Three different access levels including admin, read-only, and no access.
  • The ability to see at a glance how many current, new, and expired members your chapter has.
  • A dropdown with member and non-member types including regular, family, Lifetime, honorary, student, prospect, and non-member. You decide how to use/define these options.


For information on how the tool works, check out this webinar by Charlie Becker.

If your chapter does not already have access to the roster tool, you can request to be added by going to EAAChapters.org. Before filling out the form, please check with others in your chapter to make sure someone else didn’t already sign the chapter up. Upon receiving your request, EAA will send a spreadsheet ready to be filled in with the information for the tool. When you fill this out and send it back, it will be uploaded into the system and you will receive an email with a username and password.

Take control of your chapter’s member list and start using the EAA Chapter Roster Management Tool today!

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