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The International Aerobatic Club (IAC) and AirVenture

May 2022 – For EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022, the IAC will be “Celebrating IAC Volunteers…the lift beneath our wings," said Jordan Ashley, AirVenture 2022 chairman, who is marking his 27th year at AirVenture and 14th year as a volunteer. "The IAC as an organization was founded by, and for more than 50 years, has been supported by, volunteers. Because of this, we want to recognize and celebrate the work that is done by our membership, some seen but mostly unseen, that has carried our organization for all of these years. Details on this topic are still being fleshed out but I look forward to celebrating our volunteers at AirVenture this year."

Besides volunteering at the IAC Aerobatic Center during AirVenture, the IAC offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Every activity organized by an IAC chapter is run by volunteers. Each chapter is composed of a number of volunteers that make up a board of directors, including the chapter president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and senior members who act as mentors. IAC chapters organize fly-ins, practice days, Young Eagles flights, community appreciation barbeques, educational forums, and competitions. Each one of these activities requires volunteers to guide participants, provide logistics, safety oversight, and an exciting and fun environment for participants as well as guests.

The IAC's Aerobatic Center is right in the middle of the action at air show center during AirVenture. The building is open to the public for shopping in air-conditioned comfort (one of the few buildings on site with air conditioning). We have many friendly members that will be happy to share their aerobatic knowledge with you.

Some of the world's top air show performers have made commitments to fly at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022. Many of the performers started in aerobatics with the IAC and are still members. Some of the performers include: Dell Coller, IAC 431797; Kirby Chambliss, IAC 12086, 5-time U.S. National Champion, and 2021 IAC Hall of Fame Inductee; Bill Stein, IAC 24047; Patty Wagstaff, IAC 9010, 3-time U.S. National Champion and 2005 IAC Hall of Fame Inductee; Mike Goulian, IAC 11878, 1995 U.S. National Champion; Gene Soucy, IAC 25, 3-time U.S. National Champion and 2006 IAC Hall of Fame Inductee; Erick Edgren, IAC 435064; Nathan Hammond, IAC 441145; Kevin Coleman, IAC 440219; Aaron Fitzgerald, 440219, and David Martin IAC 5128 and 2001 U.S. National Champion. For more information about the IAC, be sure to check out IAC.org!

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