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EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance

What is non-owned aircraft insurance and why do you need it?

Non-owned Aircraft Insurance protects you from legal obligations that may arise out of operating an aircraft you do not own. In addition it provides for extra expenses including search and rescue, emergency flight conditions, legal expenses, and more.

Why do you need non-owned aircraft insurance?

Any time you operate an aircraft you do not own, you’re exposing yourself to liability in the event you cause harm to someone, damage someone’s property, or damage the aircraft.

This exposure can arise anytime you:

  • fly a borrowed aircraft, even if you are a named, approved pilot or meet the open or other pilot clause of the owner’s insurance policy
  • rent an aircraft
  • take a flying lesson in another aircraft
  • get recurrent flight training or obtain a biennial flight review (BFR) in a non-owned aircraft
  • go for a rating or endorsement (seaplane, multi-engine, complex or high-performance, tailwheel, rotary wing, or glider) in another aircraft

How easy is it to add non-owned coverage?

Adding coverage is quick and easy:

  • Convenient, 24/7 access to add coverage, and
  • For most people, it takes 5 minutes to complete the application, generate a price and add coverage with a credit card!

EAA Insurance Solutions administrated by Falcon Insurance Agency Inc. offers the following two solutions for you when you fly an aircraft you do not own.

EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan
  • Single-Engine Land and Sea Standard, Light Sport (Special & Experimental), Experimental Amateur-Built, Gliders, Multi-Engine Land and Sea Standard & Experimental Amateur-Built, Aircraft on Skis, and Helicopter & Gyrocopters
  • No Age Limitations

Get Coverage

  • Single-Engine Land Standard, Light Sport (Special & Experimental), Experimental Amateur-Built, and Gliders
  • Optional coverage for Multi-Engine Land and Seaplanes
  • Minimum Age 16
  • Coverage limitations may apply for Pilots over Age 80

Get Coverage

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