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SOLIDWORKS Related Benefits

GSCSOLIDWORKS is a great tool for designing and 3D modeling; however, to fully realize the benefits of this powerful tool, we encourage you to check out EAA’s training and related member benefits, as well as 3D printing and related resources from GSC.

And if you design an innovative product that you want to make commercially available, contact GSC and investigate the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program.

  • GSC Training & Resources - Access discounts on training, 3D printers, and related services from GSC on the GSC website.
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Exam - Receive a promo code to take the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional exam at no charge (a $99 value).
  • EAA Publications – checkout the “Homebuilders Corner” in the EAA Store online and you’ll find publications on design, building and building materials
  • EAA Online Content – get started, learn about FAA requirements, the build process and more on the EAA website with articles, videos, and downloadable guides
  • SportAir Workshops – learn building skills related to various materials at a hands-on workshop
  • Webinars & Videos – signup for upcoming webinars on aircraft building and maintenance, and check out our archive of videos including webinar recordings and Hints for Homebuilders
  • EAA Technical Counselors & EAA Flight Advisors – EAA Technical Counselors and Flight Advisors are just a phone call away to help look over your build project, answer questions about construction methods, or help plan the first flight of your project
  • SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs – If you have a product design that you want to sell, you will need to convert your software license to a commercial edition. SOLIDWORKS has incubator programs around the world to help you get started.