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EAA Requests Data, Time for Cylinder AD Comments

September 5, 2013 - Earlier this week, EAA, along with AOPA, NATA, American Bonanza Society, Cessna Pilots Association, and Twin Cessna Flyer, submitted a letter to the FAA requesting that input data and results of the FAA's internal risk analysis related to the proposed Engine Components International (ECi) cylinder AD be released to the docket for public review.

The proposed AD, which affects certain ECi cylinders installed on large-bore Continental engines, would require frequent borescope inspections, unusual recordkeeping requirements for cylinder times, and cylinder replacement before engine TBO.

The FAA estimates that approximately 6,000 aircraft would be affected, costing the fleet's operators $82.6 million.

The FAA included peripheral documentation to the regulatory docket, including transcripts of hearings and data provided by the cylinder manufacturer, but did not include the FAA's core data or the findings of the risk assessment procedure used to justify the AD.

"In order to fully understand what the actual risk profile means to the GA community, we have asked that the FAA shares the results from the risk assessment tool by posting it to the proposed AD docket," said Sean Elliott, EAA vice president of advocacy and safety. "It is particularly important that this internal information be made public due to the potential massive cost and inconvenience that this AD would bring."

The letter also requests that the comment period be extended so that both the industry and public have a chance to thoroughly review the FAA's supporting data and findings before submitting comments.
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