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Pulling Wire

By Ian Brown, Editor

March 2020 - When I agreed to install a uAvionix ADSB-Out Tailbeacon X I believed the "very simple install" spiel and planned for a quick day or so of installing the device. The device install itself is indeed very simple but one part involves running a twisted pair wire from the rudder to the instrument panel. That involves removing the thirty or so screws holding the baggage compartment bulkhead panels, then crawling the full length of the rear fuselage to undo the nicely wrapped wiring that runs down the bottom centre of the tail all the way to the panel. At 195 lbs and 6 feet tall it's quite a challenge for me, but it became a non-starter when I popped the cartilage between my front lower ribs the end of the rib itself, on not one, but both sides. Ever been kicked by a horse? Note to self: do NOT stretch over the seats at arm's length to undo those thirty or so screws.

What's this, do I hear the cavalry coming to the rescue? My petite and very active wife, said "Darling, is there anything I can help with?" Say no more. Within two hours we had the wire pulled and another two hours later, we were leaving the airport with the rear half of the aircraft looking like it is supposed to.


This is a case where petite is a very good thing.


My wife, Joey, viewed from the other end.

It's quite an art to back all the way out of the fuselage and under the seat brace feet first and face down so you are unable to see where your feet go. At least I was able to help out with that.

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