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Don’t Get Bounced or Suspended

By Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor and Canadian Council Board Member

April 2017 - We appear to have a reduction in subscribers to Bits and Pieces based mainly on bad e-mail addresses. If any of your friends who had previously subscribed are no longer receiving Bits and Pieces, please have them check whether they have updated their e-mail addresses with EAA. In fact, if you read on below, you will see that Paul Poberezny requested that people update their addresses with the EAA in the Sport Aviation issue in April, 1967, so this is not a new problem!

According to my friends in Oshkosh, no Bits and Pieces e-mail addresses were blacklisted, but since January, 355 e-mail addresses have bounced and 766 addresses were suspended for 30 days because of having bounced twice in a row. If an e-mail address bounces three times in a row, it is blacklisted, meaning the person will not receive Bits and Pieces at that address in the future.

The fact that you are reading this means that you have not had this problem but, as you can guess, there is no other way to contact those people in bulk unless they update their e-mail addresses directly with EAA. Please spread this information and contact any friends you know who may have changed their e-mail addresses recently. Remind them to update their e-mail address in their subscription to Bits and Pieces.

If anyone has thoughts as to why so many e-mail copies of Bits and Pieces might be bouncing back recently, we’d love to hear from you. Maybe there is something systemic going on, like a major internet service provider having changed its domain name. Chapter leaders may help by passing on this information at their next chapter meeting.

50 years ago Paul Poberezny wrote:

WE NEED HELP! Yes, we need a little help from our members who move and fail to notify EAA headquarters of their new address. Many believe their favorite publication, Sport Aviation, is forwarded to them at their new address by merely notifying the post office — ’tis not so! It is returned to EAA headquarters, and we must “buy it back’ from the post office for approximately 10 cents per issue, depending on the size of the particular magazine. Last year the association spent almost $2,000 as the result of our members moving. You can help reduce this expenditure and save our staff a considerable amount of labor by notifying us of a change of address prior to your move. If we are not notified in advance and Sport Aviation is returned to headquarters (usually in a damaged condition), it will not be remailed but will be available at the usual back issue sale price of 50 cents per copy. 

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