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The Countdown Begins

By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

May 2021 – AirVenture is ON! SUN 'n FUN happened and attendance was not bad and the big question for Canadians will be "will the borders be open before AirVenture?" None of us has a crystal ball, but it's beginning to look like there is a good possibility!

We have another in the series of "prolific builders," a lifelong amateur aircraft constructor. This month's builder, Gord Baxter, EAA 67068, lives in Kitchener, Ontario, very close to where I learned to fly in Guelph. It's a small world and if I'd met him I'd certainly have benefited from his knowledge on aircraft building. Amazingly I may have actually met him topping off at the pumps in Guelph, and he certainly convinced me that Van's Aircraft kits were a great choice for someone seriously considering building a good-looking aircraft.

Curtis Penner, EAA 1103560, wrote a great article on flying in Manitoba this month, Gord Baxter did a very nice job with his aircraft building history, and Sandrine Gressard, EAA 1334064, wrote a great article about the women's Air Race Classic and the reformulation as an air rally, with potentially many more competitors this year, as a positive result (one of the few) of the pandemic.

As you will see in a separate article, we're still looking at adding one more member to our EAA Canadian Council, with special talents for managing projects. If that sounds like you, please read the article and submit an application. We do have applicants, but it would be great to see an enthusiastic list to choose from.

Thanks to all our authors this month, and don't forget to email me at my new email address, if you have any ideas for articles, want to nominate someone as a prolific builder, or just want to reach out and say "hi" or offer a pat on the back to one of our contributors.

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