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Builder’s Tip — Homemade Oil Filter Bib

By Ian Brown

July 2017 - You can find a neat idea in this product from Aircraft Spruce for an oil filter bib. It’s disposable, and at $16.50 plus shipping for a pack of three it’s a fairly expensive additional cost for an oil change, but it’s certainly worth avoiding the inevitable mess involved in removing a spin-on oil filter.

Looking at the product, it’s just a modified plastic bag. I have lots of those in the kitchen. I haven’t actually tried this, but if you doubled up the bags and tied them as indicated, leaving an open side to get a wrench onto the filter, you can probably achieve the same thing at no cost. How many times have we tried to remove an oil filter, putting absorbing rags or homemade plastic catching trays underneath at that critical moment when the filter starts to spew its contents all over the engine.

Next oil change, here’s one pilot who is going to try it. If you’ve tried this, let us know how it went or if you have any other tips. My oil change is not quite due yet.

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