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Aviation Word of the Month – FLARM

By Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor - Bits and Pieces

December 2021 – You may not have heard of FLARM or what it can do for you, but maybe you should. A significant problem is not only knowing where an aircraft is at present but knowing where they are going to be in the next half hour or so. More and more, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are equipped with FLARM equipment to help them avoid collisions with other aircraft.

FLARM transmitter, receiver and display

FLARM works by not only announcing its own position electronically, but broadcasting its flight path. It also receives the same information from other aircraft and predicts the risk of collision. When a collision potential exists, the pilot is alerted with the relative position of the other aircraft and the likely risk.

You can read more about FLARM at their website at but you should know that this is one more device that I think you absolutely cannot do without!

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