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Garmin Delivering Its Lowest Cost ADS-B Out System

GarminFebruary 19, 2015 - Garmin is now shipping the GDL 84, an all-in-one solution to the coming ADS-B mandate. The GDL 84 combines the necessary transmitter and WAAS-aided GPS position sensor in a single box to comply with the ADS-B “out” mandate that takes effect in 2020. The GDL 84 also has the “in” capability to receive the traffic, subscription-free weather and other information sent up on the FIS-B channel. And Garmin includes its Flight Stream Bluetooth gateway so all of that information can be displayed on a tablet without need for additional wires or changes in the instrument panel.

The complete GDL 84 hardware package, including installation kit, antenna, and the Flight Stream gateway is priced at $3,995. The system also includes Garmin’s technology to wirelessly “read” the selected Mode C code from any transponder meeting that part of the ADS-B requirement without additional wires or the need to mount new equipment in the panel or buy a new transponder.

Garmin has received a multi-model STC authorizing installation of the GDL 84 in hundreds of standard category piston airplanes. Because the GDL 84 broadcasts on the UAT frequency, it is authorized for airplanes flying below 18,000 feet.

The Flight Stream Bluetooth link operates with any tablet running the Garmin Pilot flight planning app. For an additional $450 you can add Flight Stream 210 that allows two-way communication between Garmin Pilot and the avionics so you can transfer flight plans and use the tablet as a backup attitude-heading display.

Because the GDL 84 requires no new equipment to be installed in the panel, and the link to the transponder is wireless, the system should be as uncomplicated to install as is possible and still meet the ADS-B requirements. If you have compatible displays such as a Garmin GTN 750, GNS 530W, or G500 flat glass system already installed, the GDL 84 can be wired to the display.

For more information see the Garmin website.

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