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FAA: Check Imported Aircraft for Correct ADS-B Codes

July 1, 2015 – The FAA is urging owners of GA, light-sport aircraft, and experimental category aircraft imported into the United States - particularly from the Russian Federation - to check their ADS-B Out systems to ensure the correct codes are being used. The agency has received reports of U.S.-registered aircraft with built-in ADS-B capabilities that are transmitting codes from other nations instead of the aircraft’s assigned registration number.

This situation may have been caused by improper coding during installation at the factory. To review and correct possible problems, check these two items using your ADS-B installation manual:

  1. The Flight ID (FLT ID) should be configured to your aircraft registration N number.
  2. Check your aircraft’s ICAO 24-bit (Mode S) address on the FAA Aircraft Inquiry page. This number should be preset into your ADS-B system.

After setting the system, check your system to ensure it is transmitting the correct FLT ID and ICAO 24-bit (Mode S) address.

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