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Brazilian Anequim

August 26, 2015 - Five new aviation world records have been set by the Anequim Project Team, consisting of professors and engineering students from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil.

With support from the Brazilian Air Force, the Anequim Project Team started flights out of the Santa Cruz Air Force Base on Friday, August 21. By Sunday, the team’s aircraft had outdone five world records.

Paulo Iscold, one of the professors involved in the project, said, “Despite the wonderful result of setting five world records, the Anequim Project's main objective is to improve the quality of UFMG’s aerospace engineering students, and we are sure this project will be a mark for the rest of their lives!”

The records, pending confirmation from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, include:

1. Speed over 3 km with restricted altitude

Previous record: Nemesis DR-90 - 466.83km/h (Jon Sharp)

New record claim: 521.08km/h

2. Speed over 15 km

Previous record: Nemesis DR-90 - 455.8 km/h (Jon Sharp)

New record claim: 511.19 km/h

3. Speed over 100 km closed course

Previous record: W.Air Race - 389.6 km/h (Richard Young)

New record claim: 490.14 km/h

4. Speed over 500 km closed course

Previous record: VariEze - 387.4 km/h (Klaus Savier)

New record claim: 493.74 km/h

5. Time to climb up to 3,000 meters

Previous record: Pushy Galore – 3 minutes and 8 seconds (Bruce Bohannon)

New record claim: 2 minutes and 26 seconds

Once these records are confirmed, the Anequim is expected to be considered the fastest four-cylinder airplane in the world. 

Read more about the Anequim Project in the Experimenter section of September’s Sport Aviation.

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