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EAA’s New Advocacy and Safety Webpage Goes Live

October 29, 2015 - Safety information has been consolidated into one page on the EAA website to make it easier for members to access. Now, members will be able to see the latest on EAA’s advocacy efforts as well as explore the safety resources EAA has to offer to aircraft builders and pilots in one place.

EAA members are encouraged to take advantage of EAA’s numerous safety programs. Through EAA’s technical counselor program, homebuilders can pair up with an amateur-built aircraft expert to help them make safe decisions during construction. Additionally, EAA’s flight advisor program exists to help pilots make the right choices when flying or transitioning into new aircraft.

The EAA Type Club Coalition brings together type clubs from all sectors of the general aviation community to share best practices and training methodologies to make flying safer. Modern standard category, amateur-built, vintage, and warbird aircraft are all represented in the coalition. Members are encouraged to seek a Type Club’s expertise when looking into buying or learning to fly in unfamiliar aircraft. Information on EAA’s Founder’s Innovation Prize will also be directly linked from the safety webpage.

Those and numerous other programs are now at the fingertips of EAA members through the Advocacy and Safety Page. Check them out and contribute to keeping our hobby safe and enjoyable!

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