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AirVenture 2022 Signups Are Open

March 2022 – A variety of chapter-related opportunities during AirVenture 2022 are now open for registration.

Chapter Group Camping:
Returning for AirVenture, chapters now have an affordable opportunity to establish a “beachhead” at which to base their activities. Rather than paying by the day, a campsite is staked out until the convention ends. Chapters are able to purchase two to six campsites in advance at a flat rate in order to establish a chapter base of operations. Since the campsites will be staked out in advance, each chapter can direct its members to camp in the vicinity of this area.

Chapter Pancake Breakfast Fundraising:
EAA chapters have the opportunity to use the Camp Scholler Chapters Pavilion for their very own chapter pancake breakfast fundraiser. The pavilion is located in the Camp Scholler campground, directly south of the Fly Market on the west side of Paul’s Woods.

Chapters will have the opportunity to host a pancake-style breakfast where EAA will provide all the supplies and makings to manage a fundraising event. Simply sign up to apply for an opportunity to reserve a morning during the week of AirVenture. All proceeds from the event will go back to the hosting chapter.

Camp Scholler Chapters Pavilion:
EAA chapters have the opportunity to reserve the Camp Scholler Chapters Pavilion for their very own chapter get-togethers. The pavilion is located in the Camp Scholler campground, directly south of the Fly Market on the west side of Paul’s Woods.

This location will be available for chapters to use throughout convention as a gathering space for their members. Afternoon and evening time slots will be available for chapters to reserve. Whether it is a private chapter event or a gathering for all chapters within your state, the group will have free rein over the facility. The Camp Scholler Chapters Pavilion will also be available for chapters to reserve specifically for chapter pancake breakfast fundraising events. EAA will supply griddles and grills with propane for chapter use. Your chapter is responsible for bringing all cooking and serving utensils, food to serve, and clean-up after the event to make a chapter gathering special.

Chapter Achievement Awards:
EAA recognizes chapter members for their personal commitment and contributions to EAA, chapters, and their fellow members.

Nominate those chapter members who have gone the extra mile and beyond throughout the year for the betterment of the chapter, EAA, and the GA community. Strong and healthy EAA chapters are the backbone of the organization. Those honored have demonstrated their passion and dedication for their chapter, EAA, and the recreational aviation community.

Volunteer With Chapters and Young Eagles:
The EAA chapters and Young Eagles teams are looking for volunteers to help with AirVenture preparation, staffing at the Blue Barn and EAA’s Chapters Pavilion, along with a little wrap-up activity.

Blue Barn staffing includes being on-site during AirVenture to assist visitors in learning more about chapter life, and the various chapter-related programs and activities, especially the very popular Young Eagles program. For those who wish to volunteer days before AirVenture, volunteer opportunities are available to assist with the final set-up in the Blue Barn or at the Chapters Pavilion located in Camp Scholler. Please check out our website in May when the signups will open for pre-, during, and post-AirVenture volunteering.  

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