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EAA Sport Aviation Extras

Below you'll find videos, photo galleries, links, spreadsheets, and an assortment of other resources that correspond with content in this month's issue of EAA Sport Aviation, EAA's flagship magazine. 

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EAA Sport Aviation - March 2018

March 2018 Sport Aviation

Page 6—Letters to the Editor

Website: Chicken Wings Comics

Page 10—Advocacy

Website: EAA Advocacy and Safety

Website: TSA Drops Large Aircraft Security Plan

Website: Air Force Associaiton Op-Ed Rips ATC Privatization

Website: Federal Times Air Force Association Op-Ed


Page 12—Flightline/News From HQ

Website: Innovative Yak-110 Coming to Oshkosh

Website: B-25 Project Reaches Fundraising Goal

Website: EAA's B-25 Project   

Website: C-47 That's All, Brother Makes First Flight

Video: That's All, Brother First Flight

Website: How to Keep EAA at the Top of Your Facebook News Feed

Website: EAA Aviation Museum Virtual Tour


Page 14—Innovation

Website: SureFly


Page 18—Pathways

Website: Find an EAA Chapter

Website: Flying Start


Page 26—Airworthy

PDF: Advisory Circular AC43.13-1B Chapter 8

PDF: Advisory Circular No. 20-37E Aircraft Propeller Maintenance

PDF: Lycoming Service Bulletin 533-C October 18, 2016

PDF: Rotax Service Letter Engine Type 912 and 914 AND 2 Stroke Aircraft Engines January 22, 2008

PDF: Airworthiness Directive 2004-10-14

PDF: FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin Ne-06-32-R1


Page 34—Flight Test

Website: Lindbergh’s New York to Paris timeline

Website: Flightlab Stability Paper


Page 38—Plane Talk

Website: Lauran Paine Jr.’s Website

Website: Mohawk 926 Project  

Website: B-17 Alliance


Page 50—The Ultimate Toy Box

Website: Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum


Page 58—Lowest Cost, Highest Value

Website: Vashion Aircraft


Page 74—Design. Build. Test.

Website: Scaled Composites


Page 82—Tarragon

Website: Tarragon Aircraft USA


Page 88—Lithium Batteries for Experimental Aircraft

Website: Battery University


Page 97—Member Central

Website: Membership Questions?

Website: WomenVenture at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018


Page 104—Members and Chapters in Action

Blog: Chapter 1189 Makes Second Coat Donation Flight

Website: EAA Chapters 


Page 114—Shop Talk

Website: Budd Davisson’s Website

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