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Clarification of EAA Dynon STC for Canada

May 2017 - On your behalf, I wrote to the National Aircraft Certification division of Transport Canada asking about the relevance of the EAA STC using Dynon D10A/D100 in certified aircraft.

I received very helpful responses and can tell you that once one aircraft listed on the STC has installed either a Dynon D10A or a D100 in Canada, then all aircraft listed on the STC will automatically be approved, anywhere in Canada. The procedure is that the EAA must apply for the first one to install via their FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) to the local Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) regional office closest to where the STC will be installed. Doubtless, this will be done in collaboration with the owner of the target aircraft. The STC then becomes validated for all the listed aircraft at once.

If any of our readers would like to be the first to install a Dynon D10A/D100 in a certified aircraft, you might make a lot of friends very quickly.

You may also be aware that there is a similar STC for the Garmin G5 unit, which looks very similar but appears not to have the same built-in expansion capabilities for angle of attack and autopilot, and it has a slightly smaller screen. Either product would be an excellent upgrade to a certified aircraft, but it’s not clear whether those expansion items would be authorized for a certified aircraft.

At present I’m unaware of anyone preparing to install either STC, but our readers would love to know about it, so please tell us if this is in your plans. 

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