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C-PLAN Is for Canadians

By Sandy Odebunmi, EAA 1053443

August 2015

Ed: It was a pleasure to meet the EAA C-PLAN insurance team in person again at Oshkosh. They supported the EAA-sponsored Canada Tent with their presence and offered many insurance quotes during the week. Sandy has very many years in aviation insurance, as do some of her colleagues. If your insurance policy is coming up for renewal, give them a call. You will almost certainly be pleased with what they are able to offer. One experienced pilot, for example, was delighted to be offered a policy that included coverage for ab initio training for his wife in his homebuilt at no extra charge.

C-PLAN Is for Canadians 

Amanda Odebunmi, Account Administrator, Nacora Insurance Brokers and Clinton Johnson, Underwriter, Global Aerospace

C-PLAN is the name given to the EAA insurance program in Canada. What does this mean to you? A Canadian-registered aircraft requires a Canadian insurance company and a Canadian broker. EAA provided Canadian aircraft owners and pilots with a new option several years ago. In doing so, it created competition resulting in improved pricing and choice for private aircraft owners.

The broker appointed by the EAA in Canada is Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd. out of its head office in Mississauga (west end of Toronto), Ontario. Its aviation team is made up of highly experienced aviation insurance personnel.

C-PLAN Is for Canadians 

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You can send your application to Nacora online through www.EAAInsurance.ca, and it is received in the office right away. Nacora assesses your application and sends it to the insurer for a quote. The goal is to have the quote e-mailed to you within two to three days, depending on the time of year and complexity of your account. Nacora has access to all aviation insurance companies, so it is able to provide you with excellent service.

If the online application process is not for you, simply give the company a call at the toll-free number—855-736-3407—that is exclusive to C-PLAN and speak to one of the staff there. E-mailing eaainsurance@nacora.com reaches the C-PLAN personnel directly. You can report any claim to Nacora 24/7/365. You receive the phone numbers with your policy. They also follow your claim and are available for any questions or assistance.

C-PLAN Is for Canadians 

Reception desk

Global Aerospace is the main insurer of the EAA insurance programs in the United States and Canada. A long-time presence in the Canadian insurance market, Global is known for the diversity of risks it insures and the quality of claims service it provides. To learn all about Global Canada, visit www.Global-Aero.com.

C-PLAN Is for Canadians 

The approach to the Nacora office in Mississauga

Coverage under C-PLAN is currently one of the best in Canada. To benefit from the C-PLAN experience, just send an application or e-mail or give them a call. You may meet them at AirVenture or another air show or invite them to speak to your chapter if they are in your area.

EAA Canada provides risk management forums and webinars. Take one in and you earn a 5 percent discount on your next policy with C-PLAN and Global Aerospace. Watch your e-mail for the next webinar announcement. Plan to take a seminar before your next renewal is due so that you can take advantage.

Editor’s note: Make sure you enjoy one of these seminars before your renewal is due. It’s too late if you do it afterward.

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