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Exciting New Educational Program With Canada-Wide Potential

Massey-Vanier High School students take flight

By Camil Dumont and Catherine Tobenas

October 2017 - On October 1, the charitable organization Aviation Connection coordinated a flying activity for secondary students in grade three at the Roland-Désourdy Airport in Quebec. Several passionate pilots volunteered to take the students flying. Teachers and parents also participated in this exciting activity. It was organized to inaugurate the Massey-Vanier Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) offered free of charge by Aviation Connection starting in January 2018. Massey-Vanier High School in Cowansville is the first school to offer the program in Canada.

Exciting New Educational Program With Canada-Wide Potential

Volunteer pilots

Exciting New Educational Program With Canada-Wide Potential

This unique program is designed for high school students at levels three, four, and five and consists of 75 hours of theoretical courses supported by the use of simulators and 15 hours of restoration practice on a Piper PA-16 aircraft donated by Aviation Connection (La Société). The ATP is a complementary learning tool for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as it combines engineering, aeronautics, and graphic design while facilitating the comprehension of these academic subjects.

In Quebec, the ATP will have a direct impact on nearly 1,000 students in five secondary schools by 2019. Aviation Connection aims to serve 50,000 students across Canada over the next 10 years. As early as 2019, students enrolled in the ATP will be invited to participate in a virtual aircraft design contest and remote-controlled aircraft competition.

Exciting New Educational Program With Canada-Wide Potential

Teachers and students involved in the program

A passionate pilot since 1978, Camil created the first Air Rally in 1999 with a group of volunteers of the Quebec Bush Pilots’ Association. Since 2003, Camil has led a group of organizing committee volunteers during the International Air Rally, one of the largest aviation events to take place every year in Canada, Caribbean, and Central America. You can follow the adventures on www.airrally.com.

Exciting New Educational Program With Canada-Wide Potential

Camil Dumont

Always dedicated to promoting general aviation and helping young, passionate people, Camil Dumont created the Pilot Mentor Program, financing the participation of young pilots undergoing professional training to reach their goal of becoming a professional pilot. This participation gives an opportunity every year to those pilots to fly and log valuable hours on board twin- or single-engine aircraft across seven borders in a period of 15 days, all expenses paid.

Exciting New Educational Program With Canada-Wide Potential

Students learning on a flight simulator

Camil, the president of Aviation Connection, is a dedicated volunteer engaged to underscore the benefits of bringing aviation to the youth. Aviation is a valuable tool to help raise the levels of education for youngsters starting in secondary grade three. It also helps them understand the value of performing in STEM subjects that are essential to opening the doors to interesting careers.

Camil has accumulated more than 2,000 hours of flight, mainly in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America. Aviation Connection solicits donations of aircraft of all kinds, kits included. These donations are essential to support the implementation of the programs in other secondary schools in Canada.

For more information on the ATP, visit Aviation Connection’s website

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