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It’s Insurance Renewal Time!

By Sandy Odebunmi, Nacora Insurance, EAA 1053443

October 2015 - Why do you have to send in an application every year? Why can’t you just receive your proof of insurance in the mail like you do with your car?

The answer is simple: higher duty of care. Insurance companies want to take a look at your account every year. They are particularly interested in your currency, how much you have flown, and on what aircraft. This process is also beneficial for you to check your hull and liability limits.

You can provide your renewal information online at, or send back the application you receive in the mail, or just give us a call toll-free at 1-855-736-3407. After this you can expect to receive your renewal terms 30 days before your renewal date but not usually before this. Why? With the chance of a severe loss, albeit a low chance, insurance companies want to let most of the policy period go by.

How can you reduce your renewal premium? The obvious answer is to not have a claim if possible. You can send back your renewal application in a timely manner, allowing the broker and insurer time to consider your account. It is a good idea to include time on all aircraft you have flown and any additional ratings you have obtained or training you have done.

It is strongly suggested that you do not allow your policy to run out. You never want to make a mistake and keep flying illegally and without coverage. You also don’t want a gap in coverage in case someone picks that time to sue you. If your account happens to be less than ideal, you risk not having your policy renewed.

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