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Canadian Tent as Popular as Ever at KOSH

By Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor - Bits and Pieces, Board member - EAA Canada Council

All types of Van’s Aircraft were represented in this 50th anniversary fly past, skillfully flown in formation right over the Canadian tent

September 6, 2022 – Our Canadian tent was often packed to capacity at AirVenture. Our prime location next to the International Visitors Tent and at the foot of the control tower makes it very easy to find although there is always the occasional visitor that doesn’t find it on the first try. We were very pleased with the turnout for the Flying to and From Canada talks, presented by your editor. We presented this talk three times to packed houses. A quick show of hands usually indicates that 80 percent or more of the audience is American.

Scott delivers his talk on his plans built Pietenpol to some very interested people

We also hosted talks from homebuilders like Phillip Johnson and Scott Knowlton, on the aircraft they had built.

With more of a focus on youth this year, we had a talk delivered by Olivia White and Megan Lokstet on how to interest younger people in aviation once they’ve got past the Young Eagles stage. We learned from them that Facebook is for old people! Who knew? Instagram and TikTok is apparently where it’s at for Gen Z. They both seem keen to pursue a career in aviation but they’re also excellent at delivering presentations.

Thanks to Ed Lubitz for his photography dispersed throughout this edition of our newsletter. He got this super shot of the Van’s Aircraft 50th anniversary flyover.

A couple of other features that made our tent popular were our traditional Tim Horton’s coffee in the mornings, the Monday morning ticket handout for the free breakfast on Wednesday, and the Ice Cream Social on Thursday afternoon.

Your Canadian Council was able to camp altogether with Ottawa’s Chapter 245 this year, some arriving as early as mid-week of the week before the show. With newer and younger members on the Council we are excited to see how the next few years impacts our efforts in the Canadian tent.

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