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Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor - Bits and Pieces

May 2023 – If you're planning to return from AirVenture, or your winter stay in the U,S., and want to avoid clearing customs at a major airport, you can fly into any Airport of Entry using CANPASS. At $40 for five years, it's an excellent way to clear customs and avoid traveling out of your way or spending more for avgas than you need to.

Just a heads-up though, the documentation says it can take four to six weeks to get approved, and that is after you dig through the internet to get your form. It's here – I thought you might like a link to save some time.

The Canada Flight Supplement will tell you if your airport is an AoE or not. There seem to be hundreds of airports that qualify. In speaking with them today, I asked if all passengers had to have CANPASS and they told me “No, only the operator of the aircraft but everyone on board needs to have their passport with them.” Actually, it gets even better. I flew in with a friend in our two airplanes. He was able to piggyback on my CANPASS and clear customs even though he didn't have CANPASS himself.

You can land at an AoE any time the airport is open for landings regardless of whether there is anyone there. Just stay in your aircraft and call 1-800-CANPASS to clear customs.

If you're planning to get CANPASS for your return from AirVenture now would be a good time to start the process.

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