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Youth Protection Program FAQs

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If you are unable to view the PDF by clicking the blue button above, the FAQs are as follows:

What is EAA’s Youth Protection Program?

It is a comprehensive program based on EAA’s Youth Protection Policy, which sets basic requirements for EAA staff and volunteers who work with children under age 18.  The program requires training and background checks, and includes protective standards for EAA and Chapter services to youth.

What is the purpose of the Program?

EAA has established the Program to institute and maintain high youth protection standards for EAA staff and all volunteers who work with children.  We hope it will assure parents and guardians that their children are with a trustworthy organization when they are participating in EAA-related activities. It is intended to be a “best practices” program for the benefit and protection of youth and volunteers.

Why is this needed?

Children are relatively unskilled, innocent and vulnerable.  When participating in learning and growth opportunities, they require protection against injuries arising from their own or others’ lack of skill and experience, or in rare cases from intentional mistreatment.  EAA’s Youth Protection Program is intended to address these concerns, with parental awareness and consent.  Today’s best practices for youth activities, ranging from youth sports leagues to church groups, include such programs to protect the young people involved, and EAA is committed to providing effective standards for protection of youth in EAA-related programs, to the best of our ability.

Who is the company doing the background check?  Can I trust them?

AmericanChecked http://americanchecked.com/ is a nationally accredited background check company who provides secure screening services to a variety of industries.  The U.S. Forest Service, as well as colleges, public school systems, and businesses of every size utilize its services. EAA went through an exhaustive process to find the right vendor that would providing outstanding service while treating our volunteers’ data with the utmost security and sensitivity.

How is my data protected once it’s submitted?

Your data is never shared with any outside vendor at any time. The highest levels of security are also maintained at all levels. If you’re technically oriented, that includes: All data transmission, including XML traffic, is encrypted using SSL certificates issued and monitored with 24/7 security. Servers are protected with multi-level firewall technology and intrusion detection software. Vulnerability scans are conducted on a regular basis by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor, housed in a SAS 70 Type II audited data center with high-definition cameras.  EAA demanded the highest levels of security for any company with access to our volunteers’ information.

Who will be affected?

Those required to participate will include all EAA staff, plus Young Eagles pilots, chapter coordinators, field representatives, and people involved in chapter youth activities. Any confusion regarding required involvement can be answered by EAA headquarters staff, as designated in program materials.

What is involved?

Participation is easy.  We hope that all of you who will work with youth will complete the on-line training and consider completing the secure background check.  Both steps are necessary for volunteers in certain roles or who often work with youth in the Chapter, as described in the Policy.  The program also provides standards for supervision, parental and guardian involvement, contact with youth, prohibited activities including use of hazardous materials or dangerous equipment, discipline, reporting, records, and others.

How long will the training and background check take to complete?

The online training and review will typically take about 10-15 minutes. After information is submitted for the background check, we expect verification to take no more than 10 business days.

What is the timeline to get this done?

The online training and review and the back ground check form will be available online beginning in early January, 2016. By May 1, 2016 all EAA staff and volunteers who work with youth as defined in the Policy will be required to participate in our Youth Protection Program.

How often will I have to do this?

The training and background check are good for three years.  This allows us to help our staff and volunteers stay up to date on best practices into the future.

Who is paying for the background checks?

EAA is paying all costs connected with the administration of the Youth Protection Program.

How will I be able to prove that I have completed the requirements in this program?

Upon successful completion of the online training and review, and the background check, each volunteer will receive an email confirming he or she has successfully met the basic requirements of the Youth Protection Program with a printable wallet sized card. EAA will maintain those records permanently.

How long will this take? Will I have to wait weeks or months for approval before flying Young Eagles?

Our goal is to have each applicant’s verification completed and returned to the applicant within 10 business days.

How will these records be maintained? Who has access to them?

EAA will maintain the completion dates of your successful Youth Protection training and background check.  These dates will be accessible to Chapter leaders to provide transparency in the program.

Do I have to supply my Social Security Number (SSN) as part of the background check?
No, that is optional and entirely your choice. Providing your SSN will speed the process and ensure accuracy of the information. AmericanChecked takes extraordinary measures to protect this information if you supply it. You will be contacted by EAA if additional information is needed to successfully complete your registration.

Why is there an odd-looking URL address on the background check form’s web page?
That is a specialized URL created by AmericanChecked to encrypt and protect your personal information when you log in. It is an extra step taken by this company to prevent anyone from scanning websites for such information.

Does this mean I won’t be able to fly my own son or daughter as a Young Eagle without submitting to a background check?

Obviously you are free to fly your son or daughter or anybody else without complying with EAA standards; however, in order to have any flight qualify for Young Eagles status and benefits, the pilot will have to comply with the requirements of the Policy.

May I drive my own kids to the airport for a Young Eagles flight? What about such youth as grandchildren, nieces/nephews, cousins, or neighbor kids?

You may certainly drive your own children to the airport for a flight at any time, and you may drive relatives’ and neighbors’ kids if you arrange the trip yourself and you have their parents’ clear permission. However, because of the requirements of the Chapter insurance policy, a Chapter may not participate in organizing any youth rides in private vehicles.

Does this indicate suspicion of our volunteers?

Not at all. The Youth Protection Program follows current best practices for protection of youth in learning and growth activities. The process should give peace of mind to parents and guardians of children in your program. It is similar to the standards established in other youth programs throughout the country.

What if an EAA member pilot from another Chapter comes to fly at a rally? How will a local Chapter be able to know that pilot has successfully completed the training and background check?

Such a pilot should have the printed verification of successful completion of the Youth Protection training and background check as part of a flight kit, just as one would carry a logbook or pilot certificate.  The local Chapter will also have access to the database that lists the name, EAA number and completion of the training and background check for individuals.

What if I don’t complete the program requirements by the deadline?

If you are an EAA volunteer in a role that requires youth protection training and a background check, and do not successfully complete the requirements by May 1, 2016, you will not be able to participate in EAA youth programs as a volunteer until you are able to complete the requirements.

What about our Chapter’s youth programs outside of the Young Eagles program?

One advantage of having the Youth Protection Program in place is that it allows those Chapters that want to develop additional youth programs to have the security of having their volunteers trained and vetted, and required to comply with youth protection standards.

What if the background check reports something incorrect and rejects my application? Will I be able to see the contents of the background check in order to correct the record?

EAA and the background check administrator are taking every precaution to confirm that all information is current and correct. If a reporting error has occurred, contact EAA headquarters immediately. We will work with you to quickly correct any error that may have occurred.

May I fly Young Eagles or participate in our Chapter’s youth programs if I haven’t completed the requirements prior to the May 1, 2016 deadline?

Yes, you will be able to continue to participate through April 30, 2016, even if you have not completed the requirements of the Youth Protection Program. After that date, you would not be able to participate if your role requires youth protection training and the background check. We encourage you to fulfill the requirements as soon as possible to ensure that EAA and our Chapters are able to continue to provide learning and growth opportunities to youth, including Young Eagles flights.

There seems to be a lot of legal language in here. Should I be worried?

Any formal policy like this does have to pass legal muster to accomplish its intended goals, both to protect youth from harm and to protect volunteers, Chapters, and the organization from liability. At the same time, EAA has made every effort to keep the text of the Policy as user-friendly as possible specifically to avoid confusion. These FAQs also assist with necessary clarifications, and will be expanded as new questions arise.

If I successfully complete the background check, then fail to renew my EAA membership, will I have to re-do all the required elements if I then return to EAA at a later date?

No, you are a qualified EAA volunteer for three years after successful completion of the youth protection training and background check.  This status remains valid even if you are not an EAA member.  Please remember though, in order to fly Young Eagles, a pilot is required to be an EAA member.

Who is our contact at EAA headquarters in case we have further questions?

Questions can be answered in a variety of places here at EAA headquarters.  Your first stop will be our membership services office (800-564-6322) who will be able to help you with most questions.  They will also be able to help you find the person able to address any specific questions you may have that membership services are unable to answer.


Revision: 02/19/2016

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