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Innovation Showcase to Host 21 Cutting-Edge Companies in 2019

May 30, 2019 - Home to some of the biggest launches at AirVenture, the Innovation Showcase is where AirVenture attendees, members, and investors go to see the latest and greatest groundbreaking technology that aviation has to offer.

AirVenture attendees can visit the Innovation Showcase to test their imagination when they encounter some of the industry’s heavyweights and exciting new start-up companies that highlight breakthrough concepts in aviation, space, and virtual reality. The following companies are all anticipated to be present as part of the Innovation Showcase. The Innovation Showcase is presented by NATCA.

Company: AC Corporation
Location: Tokyo, Japan

AC Corporation designs and manufactures a new range of lightweight combined cycle two-stroke engines.

Company: Aeroxo
Location: Moscow, Russia

Aeroxo is one of Russia’s first commercial drone producers, and are one of five Phase II Winners of the GoFly Prize.

Company: Aithre
Location: Ketchum, ID

Aithre technology is designed to detect and prevent hypoxic conditions in aviation. Our suite of products includes installed & portable CO detectors and portable oxgyen gauges that are iOS enabled.

Company: Brayfoil Tech
Location: Johannaesburg, South Africa

The Brayfoil is the world’s first morphing auto-setting wing technology, which seamlessly changes camber and thickness providing variable lift and drag characteristics in air or water.

Company: CloudFlyt, Inc
Location: Cupertino, California

CloudFlyt is an interactive flight simulation platform delivering scenario-based missions allowing real and virtual pilots to maintain proficiency from their own home using a flat-screen TV.

Company: DarkAero
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

DarkAero produces a new kit aircraft called the DarkAero 1, a full carbon fiber, two-seat, efficient, high performance kit aircraft that can cruise at 275 mph and fly more than 1,700 miles non-stop while burning only 11 gph of fuel.

Company: EAA SOLIDWORKS University
Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

EAA SOLIDWORKS University will offer integrated workshops, where members will be able to fabricate a range of aircraft parts.

Company: Eagle Cap Software
Location: Sherwood, Oregon

Eagle Cap Software develops flight planning and navigation charting solutions for the aviation market as well as software development services.

Company: EFX Applied Technology, Inc
Location: Scandia, Minnesota

EFX Applied Technology IPAS consists vehicle mounted projection and data devices and stationary mounted and wearable IoT devices that connect to mitigate or prevent many injuries, fatalities and damage to equipment using vision, sound and tactile alerts.

Company: Epic Optix Inc.
Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Epic Optix, Inc. is an optical design and manufacturing company specializing in aviation Head-Up Displays (HUD).

Company: The Exponential Engine
Location: Silicon Valley, CA

The Exponential Engine Company, Inc. is dedicated to the production and development of the first MAJOR change in the internal combustion engine in over 130 years.

Company: Feel Flight
Location: Spokane, Washington

Feel Flight produces a control stick grip which conveys tactile feedback of AOA and inclination to the pilot’s fingers.

Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Winners of the 2018 Founder’s Innovation Prize, is a non-profit, open-source organization dedicated to providing accurate, easy to calibrate angle of attack information and ergonomic displays to E-AB pilots.

Company: GE Aviation
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

GE Aviation’s booth will be dedicated to additive manufacturing along with information on what GE is doing within the 3D printing space. The 3D printing of both jet engine prototypes and end-use parts is already having a significant impact on development and production.

Company: MakerPlane
Location: Ottawa, Canada

MakerPlane is an open source aviation organization which will enable people to build and fly their own safe, high quality, reasonably priced airplane using advanced personal manufacturing equipment such as CNC mills and 3D printers.

Company: Opener
Location: Silicon Valley, CA

Opener is a California based company focused on the development and commercialization of safe, practical, easy-to-operate and affordable electric VTOL personal aerial vehicles (PAV).

Company: Trek Aerospace
Location: Folsom, California

Trek designs and builds ducted propellers and prototype aircraft from personal flight to heavy lifting drones.

Company: ZEVA AERO
Location: Tacoma, Washington

ZEVA AERO is in development of a single passenger eVTOL aircraft called the ZERO which will incorporate a docking system called SkyDock.

The year’s newest venue in Aviation Gateway Park is the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Showcase. The UAM Showcase will include a number of prominent and innovative companies in the Urban Air Mobility industry. Members and attendees will want to visit the UAM Showcase to see everything from eVTOLs to hover bikes; innovations and experimental aircraft that exemplify what the future of aviation looks like.Attendees at the UAM Showcase will be able to learn about the new technologies from the multitude of companies attempting to solve the air mobility challenge, as well as interact personally with those making the largest leaps forward. The UAM Showcase is presented by TransportUP

Company: AeroMobil
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

AeroMobil is an international team based in Central Europe that designs and manufacturse the AeroMobil 4.0 STOL and AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL within all existing regulations for road and air transport.

Company: Assen Aero
Location: Multinational
The Assen Aero A1 is an electric hoverbike powered by three ducted fans that enable propulsion, lift, and stability.

Company: Athena Aero Corp.
Location: Calgary, Ab

Athena Aerospace is an independent engineering consultancy for advanced systems. Combining vast engineering skills with a thorough knowledge of manufacturing, we help organizations develop outstanding technologies for Aviation, Space, Defense and other demanding domains.

Company: BETA Technologies
Location: South Burlington, Vermont

BETA is a small, cross-functional team that has put an eVTOL in the air, designed the world’s largest electric aircraft, and is currently manufacturing the world’s first megawatt-scale aircraft recharging station.

Company: BLADE
Location: New York City, New York

BLADE allows users to create their own crowdsourced flights or purchase seats on pre-existing flights in key areas on the east coast as well as in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Company: EHANG
Location: Guangzhou, China

The Ehang 184 is a low-altitude eVTOL autonomous aerial vehicle, designed to provide short-to-medium-range communications and transportation solutions.

Company: Lift Aircraft
Location: Austin, Texas

Lift Aircraft has developed a multi-rotor, single passenger aircraft that a pilot can operate within a geofenced area and beyond, with only minimal training.

Company: VerdeGo Aero
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida

VerdeGo Aero is focused on developing hybrid-electric propulsion systems for eVTOL aircraft.

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