Getting Here is Half the Fun

You are cleared direct, so rock your wings and land on a colored dot.

Seaplane Base Arrivals

The Seaplane Base (identifier 96WI) is located on the west shore of Lake Winnebago, 5 miles southeast of Wittman Regional Airport and the convention site.

Seaplane arrivals should avoid nearby Class C and D airspace and SHOULD NOT use the Fisk VFR arrival route.

Approaches and departures should be to the east over Lake Winnebago.

CAUTION: When Runway 36L departure procedures are in effect during AirVenture, aircraft departing Wittman Regional Airport (OSH) on Runway 36L will fly just west of the Seaplane Base at or below 1,300 feet MSL.

Contact the Seaplane Base (123.3 or 920-230-7829) for water condition information and current Seaplane Base information.

Rough Water Alternative Landing Area

If you are an amphibious aircraft, your best course of action in these conditions is to land at a reliever airport, or Wittman Field using the Fisk VFR arrival as spelled out on Page 5 of the NOTAM.

The Seaplane Base offers an alternative landing site approximately 3.5 miles Southeast of the AirVenture Seaplane base (96WI). This island referred to as Warbird Island (VPWAR) and noted on page 18 of the NOTAM as part of the Warbird arrival.

eaa airventure oshkosh seaplane base rough water landing alternate location 

At times Lake Winnebago, with a North/Northeast wind can become very rough at the Seaplane Base. The island is a half-moon shape with an opening facing southwest. The island can act as a wind break in this case and offer some quieter water.

For our straight float guests and amphibious guests should you choose, please follow this procedure:

  1. Contact the Seaplane base on 123.3, state your location and your intentions planning to land at the alternative area. When you descend below the tree line, radio communication may be lost with the Seaplane Base (Cell phone will still work 920 230-7829 Seabase office number)
  2. Remember Seaplane patterns are flown here at 1,350 MSL and that Warbirds and Turbines will be as low as 1,800 MSL as shown in the NOTAM. Keep in mind the lake elevation is 747 MSL.
  3. At the island there is a beach and several preassembled mooring locations. These moorings use a slip bridle that you attach to two of your propeller blades. It’s acceptable to wait on the beach for the boat.
  4. While you are securing your aircraft, the Seaplane base will deploy volunteers by land and then by water to help you moor and retrieve you, your passengers and luggage by boat.
  5. At this point you will be taken to shore and to the Seaplane Base via ground transportation.
  6. When the weather or winds clear, we will shuttle you back to your aircraft to transport it back to the Seaplane Base.

Remember you are the pilot in command, and responsible for the safe operation of your aircraft.

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