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The Top 10 Reasons for Non-Pilots to Attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Aerial of EAA AirVenture | Goodyear Blimp | Boeing Plaza

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh has an immense amount of opportunities to further develop your knowledge about aviation. Some folks may come to AirVenture just to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine. We’d love to have you here either way! AirVenture offers air shows, food and beverages, gift shops, workshops, and webinars. You name it, we probably have it. Here are the top 10 things to do while you are here at EAA AirVenture for someone who might be new to the world of aviation.

AirVenture Night Air Show

Daily Air Show

The daily air show is one of the most memorable events of AirVenture week. You will see world-class aerobatics, learn about aviation history, and much more during the four-hour show that starts at 2 p.m. You can see the air show from all around the grounds, but most people watch near the flightline to get an up-close look at these spectacular performances.

Night Air Show

The night air show is hosted on Wednesday and Saturday night starting around 8 p.m. The night air show includes aerobatics and pyrotechnics attached to different aircraft, as well as a stunning world-class fireworks show.

EAA Brown Arch with Blue Angels Flying

Brown Arch

The Brown Arch is an iconic spot for EAA, which was built in 1971 and used as the entryway at the EAA Fly-In. You can find 3,000 inscribable bricks around the arch. This is a great spot for a photo opportunity with friends and family.

Gift Shops

The gift shops located all around the AirVenture grounds feature apparel, gadgets, and other fun toys and aviation equipment.

Movies Under the Stars

The Fly-In Theater gives you the opportunity to watch a variety of aviation films. This year we have Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick showing, along with several other features. Come check it out because you never know who may introduce a film!

Fly in TheatreBoeing Plaza/ Military Aircraft

When you walk in the main gate onto Celebration Way, as you walk toward the flightline you’ll come to Boeing Plaza. This is where you can expect to see the latest and greatest military aircraft parked alongside classic warbirds, high-tech prototypes, and massive airliners. You can find a map of the AirVenture grounds here.

Exhibit Hangars

Check out the exhibit hangars, where you can find more than 800 exhibitors waiting to talk to you about their products, services, and just about anything else related to. This is a great place to network and introduce yourself to key contacts throughout the aviation industry.


If you have children, KidVenture is the place for you! KidVenture is where you can find games, toys, hands-on experiences, STEM activities, and even flight simulators. You can learn more about KidVenture here.

EAA KidVenture

Camping on AirVenture Grounds

Camping on the EAA AirVenture grounds is a part of the experience. There is nothing better than spending seven days camping with your good friends and family, talking about everything aviation. During AirVenture, we host more than 12,000 campsites, and each one is home to passionate aviation enthusiasts. You can learn more about camping and lodging here.

Food Vendors

There are many food choices at AirVenture, including Chick-Fil-A, A&W, Lemon Chill carts, and many more. You can find more information about the food vendors here.

We look forward to having you here! Whether you’re brand new to aviation or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something for everyone at AirVenture Oshkosh. You can find tickets for EAA AirVenture on our website at www.eaa.org/airventure/eaa-airventure-tickets. To find additional information about AirVenture go to https://www.eaa.org/airventure.

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