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New Mag Takes Aim at Bendix

“Coil-on-plug” technology delivers more spark and power, says Electroair

By James Wynbrandt

July 26, 2018 - Magnetos, which provide the sparks that start an engine and keep its cylinders firing, are among the more temperamental and prone-to-fail aviation engine components, but EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 may prove a turning point in the part’s evolution. That’s the expectation of electronic ignition system manufacturer Electroair (Hangar C, Booth 3144-45), which has embarked on an FAA-approved design approval project to replace the widely used Bendix D2000/D3000 dual magneto with its in-development RC4000 series hybrid magneto. The BendixKing magnetos are installed on more than 6,000 GA aircraft engines.

Electroair’s hybrid magneto uses a high-energy rotor to mechanically create energy, which is supplied to individual coils at the cylinder. Among other benefits, this “coil-on-plug” technology makes much more spark energy available for ignition and produces an extra six to eight amps of DC power over the BendixKing magneto, and its waste-spark type system extends the life of spark plugs, according to Electroair. The company expects FAA certification for the hybrid magneto in the second quarter of next year.

Electroair also announced it has received an STC for installation of its EA-15000 ignition switch panel, designed to replace rotary-style key switches found in many GA aircraft. The EA-15000 allows push-button engine starts, and two rocker switches, each controlling one magneto.

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