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AirVenture 2019 Aircraft Awards

July 28, 2019 - Hundreds of gorgeous, striking airplanes arrive at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh each and every year in hopes of winning a Lindy Award. Few aircraft, in comparison to the field, come away with any sort of award. Fewer still come away with a Lindy.

Awards are given out across six categories: Homebuilts, Warbirds, Vintage, Ultralights, Seaplanes, and Rotorcraft. Entrants can only be considered for one category in a given year, and are not eligible for the same or any lower-tier awards if they have won in the past.

Looks are considered in award judging, but the quality of craftsmanship inherent in the aircraft is a crucial factor as well. Careful construction and/or restoration, as well as tireless maintenance, is essential in winning a Lindy.

With all of that said, congratulations to all of the 2019 award winners!


Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaques
Paul Dye
Dayton, Nevada
2019 SubSonex, N958PD

James Folsom
Longwood, Florida
2018 Van’s RV-7, N438DD

Kevin Johnson
Hubbardston, Massachusetts
2016 Van’s RV-7, N45GJ

Richard Thompson
Berryville, Virginia
2018 Van’s RV-14, N327RT

Donald Eisele
West Chester, Pennsylvania
2018 Van’s RV-14, N1477M

Jerry Sheppard
El Paso, Texas
2018 Javron Super Cub, N242N

Bernie Hartnell
Grand Junction, Colorado
2018 Van’s RV-14A, N114AB

Kurt Larson
Solon Springs, Wisconsin
2019 RANS S-20 Raven, N826KK

Plans Outstanding Workmanship - Plaques
Keith Welsh
Marshall, Illinois
1989 Quickie, N494K

Bill Anton
Satanta, Kansas
2018 Bearhawk, N47NL

Kit Champion - Bronze Lindy
David McKnight
Mooresville, North Carolina
2016 Lancair ES, N881DM


Alan Archer
Houston, Texas
2018 Van’s RV-10, N309WW

Douglas Taylor
Fairfield, California
2017 Van’s RV-8, N610TW

Jared Shipman
Bismarck, Missouri
2005 Van’s RV-8, N148X

Bill Kervaski
Trussville, Alabama
2018 Van’s RV-14A, N196

David Hunstad
Alden, Michigan
2019 CubCrafters EX, N986KD

Stephen Walsh
Boca Raton, Florida
2019 Kitfox S-7 Super Sport, N344V

Tobias Burch
San Diego, California
2019 Cub Trekking CCK-1865, N745TB

Robert Anderson
Stillwater, Oklahoma
2015 Van’s RV-8, N184GC

James Carey
Naperville, Illinois
2016 Van’s RV-10, N415JS

Plans Champion - Bronze Lindy
A. Hutson
Griffin, Georgia
2018 Hatz CB-1, N89AC

Roger Baalman
Owasso, Oklahoma
2017 KR-2S, N738EM

Thomas Meyer
Double Oak, Texas
2018 Meyers Special Big Toot, N64LT

James Bowie
Greenwood, Mississippi
2005 Midget Mustang 1B, N30VF

Reserve Grand Champion Kitbuilt - Silver Lindy
John Janovetz
Colleyville, Texas
2017 Team Rocket F1 Evo, N265AJ

Reserve Grand Champion Plansbuilt - Silver Lindy
Georges Valtz
Warwick, Rhode Island
2019 Pitts Model 12, N327DZ

Paul Poberezny Founder’s Award for Best Classic Homebuilt
Steven Miller
Naperville, Illinois
1969 Bücker, N716L

Stan Dzik Memorial Award for Outstanding Design Contribution
Allen Floyd
Erie, Colorado
2006 Long-EZ, N82EZ

Grand Champion Kitbuilt - Gold Lindy
John Garred
Whiting, Iowa
2016 Pitts 12, N171JG

Grand Champion Plansbuilt - Gold Lindy
Allen Floyd
Erie, Colorado
2006 Long-EZ, N82EZ

Antique (through August 1945)

World War II Military Trainer/Liaison Aircraft - Outstanding
Robert Swint
Geneseo, Illinois
1943 Boeing A75N1, N63806

World War II Military Trainer/Liaison Aircraft - Runner-Up
Thomas Murray
Poplar Grove, Illinois
1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR, N48608

Transport Category - Runner-Up
H.S. Wright
Seattle, Washington
1929 Travel Air S-6000-B, N9084

Customized Aircraft - Runner-Up
Mark Holt
Clear Lake, Iowa
1941 Waco UPF-7, N32049

Bronze Age (1937-1941) Outstanding Closed-Cockpit Monoplane
Lonnie Autry
Hollister, California
1940 Spartan Executive, NC17665

Bronze Age (1937-1941) Runner-Up
Buck Korol
High River, Alberta, Canada
1938 Luscombe Model 4, N1337

Silver Age (1928-1936) Outstanding Closed-Cockpit Monoplane
Harry Ballance
Atlanta, Georgia
1934 Stinson SR-5, NC14572

Silver Age (1928-1936) Runner-Up
Michael Maniatis
Milton, New York
1928 de Havilland Gipsy Moth, NC431

World War II Military Trainer/Liaison Aircraft Champion - Bronze Lindy
John Parish
Tullahoma, Tennessee
1941 Boeing A75N1, N44JP

Transport Category Champion - Bronze Lindy
Scott Glover
Mount Pleasant, Texas
1936 Stinson A, N15165

Customized Aircraft Champion - Bronze Lindy
Christine Stoecklein
Stanwood, Washington
1941 Waco UPF-7, NC32157

World War II Era (1942-1945) Champion - Bronze Lindy
Granger Haugh
Scottsdale, Arizona
1944 Beech D17S, N582

Bronze Age (1937-1941) Champion - Bronze Lindy
Steve Givens
Pendleton, Indiana
1941 Fleet 16B, N39622

Silver Age (1928-1936) Champion - Bronze Lindy
David Lunsford
Bayfield, Colorado
1936 Stinson SR-8B, N81E

Antique Reserve Grand Champion - Silver Lindy
James Savage
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
1939 Spartan 7W, NC17634

Antique Grand Champion - Gold Lindy
James Kreutzfeld
Castle Rock, Colorado
1943 Howard DGA-15P, NC1785H

Classic (September 1945-1955)

Outstanding Cessna 170 - Small Plaque
Keith Eisberg
Keytesville, Missouri
1952 Cessna 170B, N2455D

Outstanding Ercoupe - Small Plaque
Derk Kingrey
Brookville, Ohio
1946 Ercoupe 415C, N2853H

Outstanding Navion - Small Plaque
Phil Cook
Zeeland, Michigan
1948 Ryan Navion A, N4210K

Outstanding Stinson - Small Plaque
Dennis Sparks
Poulsbo, Washington
1948 Stinson 108-3, N616C

Outstanding Swift - Small Plaque
Jeffrey Smith
Asheboro, North Carolina
1948 Temco GC-1B, N3849K

Outstanding Taylorcraft - Small Plaque
Timothy Newell
Beach City, Ohio
1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D, N43754

Outstanding Limited Production - Small Plaque
Ryan Newell
Canton, Ohio
1953 Taylorcraft 15A, N23JW

Preservation - Small Plaque
Michael Larson
Erie, Colorado
1949 Cessna 195A, N9857A

Most Unique Classic - Small Plaque
Charles Ross
Cross Plains, Texas
1954 Helio H-391B, N100HC

Custom Class A (0-85 hp) - Small Plaque
Brent Hohman
Fulton, South Dakota
1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D, N96841

Custom Class B (86-150 hp) - Small Plaque
Gary Hess
Dexter, Michigan
1955 Piper PA-22-150, N2748P

Custom Class C (151-235 hp) - Small Plaque
Carl Geisert
Chandler, Arizona
1953 Cessna 180, N1564C

Custom Class D (236-plus hp) - Small Plaque
Alan Sickinger
New Philadelphia, Ohio
1947 North American Navion A, N285TC

Best Customized Runner-Up - Large Plaque
George Stanley
Richland, Washington
1946 Globe GC-1B, N78104

Class I (0-85 hp) - Bronze Lindy
Robert Stegman
St. Peters, Missouri
1946 Luscombe 8A, N45896

Class II (86-150 hp) - Bronze Lindy
Brian Crull
Noblesville, Indiana
1947 Piper PA-12, N4122M

Class III (151-235 hp) - Bronze Lindy
William Addison
Colorado Springs, Colorado
1955 Cessna 180, N9916

Champion Customized Classic - Bronze Lindy
Kyle Hook
Petaluma, California
1946 Globe GC-1A, N90383

Reserve Grand Champion - Silver Lindy
Mark Sell
Woodbury, Pennsylvania
1946 Aeronca 7AC, N2388E

Grand Champion - Gold Lindy
Scott McFadden
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D, CFCLR

Contemporary (1956-1970)

Outstanding Beech Single Engine - Outstanding in Type
David Nazem
Carrollton, Texas
1966 Beech V35, N5724V

Outstanding Beech Multiengine - Outstanding in Type
Bill Schutzler
Applegate, Michigan
1961 Beech D50E, N1961

Outstanding Cessna 180/182/185/210 - Outstanding in Type
Nicholas Howell
Englewood, Colorado
1967 Cessna A185E, N3373L

Outstanding Cessna Multiengine - Outstanding in Type
Arlen Stauffer
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
1964 Cessna 310I, N4AS

Outstanding Piper PA-24 Comanche - Outstanding in Type
John Gowins
New Philadelphia, Ohio
1961 Piper PA-24-250, N7321P

Outstanding Piper PA-28/PA-32 Cherokee - Outstanding in Type
James Reagan
Hockessin, Delaware
1965 Piper PA-28-180, N8887J

Outstanding Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche - Outstanding in Type
Ric Burnette
Pompano, Florida
1967 Piper PA-30, N30XT

Preservation Award - Outstanding in Type
Lee Hussey
Martinsville, Virginia
1964 Piper PA-24-400, N8455P

Class II Single-Engine (161-230 hp) - Bronze Lindy
John Breda
Needham, Massachusetts
1968 Mooney M20F, N954N

Class III Single-Engine (231-plus hp) - Bronze Lindy
Barry Payne
Taupo, New Zealand
1962 Comanche 250, ZKBAZ

Dean Richardson Memorial Award - Bronze Lindy
Dennis Ozment
Quincy, Illinois
1955 Cessna 172, N5000A

Outstanding Customized - Bronze Lindy
Bruce Mayes
Honolulu, Hawaii
1962 Meyers Industries Inc. 200B, N34393

Reserve Grand Champion Customized - Silver Lindy
Joseph Weaver
Flower Mound, Texas
1957 Beech H35, N64JW

Reserve Grand Champion - Silver Lindy
Edward Maxwell
Louisville, Kentucky
1967 Piper PA-28-140, N7369J

Grand Champion - Gold Lindy
Dennis Ozment
Quincy, Illinois
1968 Cessna 150H, N23232


Preservation Award
Kevin Miller
Addison, Texas
Cessna O-1E/L-19 Bird Dog, N3946K

Steve Buchelt & Jim Reed
Crown Point, Indiana
de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk, N26JH

Lou Feldvary
Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
North American T-6D Texan, N757LF

Barry Hammerback
River Falls, Wisconsin
Bell UH-1H Huey, N145D

Mike Reirdon
El Cajon, California
Bell T-34A Mentor, N4982N

Mark Howard
Edmond, Oklahoma
Fairchild PT-26A Cornell, N9279H

Judges' Choice: Jet
Bill Culbersoal
Mobile, Alabama
Canadair CT-133 Silver Star (T-33), N133CN

Judges' Choice: Helicopter
Peter Q. Bales
Janesville, Wisconsin
Hughes OH-6A, N67PB

Judges' Choice: L-Bird
Blake Bosley
Richmond, Texas
Cessna O-1E Bird Dog, N60591

Judges' Choice: Primary Trainer
Daniel Van Buskirk
Bismarck, North Dakota
Boeing VN2S-2 Stearman, N22FK

Judges' Choice: Trainer
Boeing Stearman PT-17, N58219
George Madok
Evergreen, Colorado

Judges' Choice: Mustang
Rod Lewis
San Antonio, Texas
North American TF-51D Mustang, NL50FS

Best Flying Gas Station
USAF 924th Air Refueling Squadron
McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas
Boeing KC-46A Pegasus, 76035

Best T-34
James Blasingame
Kalispell, Montana
Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, N3789G
Silver Wrench
Dennis Hallman
Mooresville, North Carolina

Best C-47
Dynamic Aviation
Bridgewater, Virginia
Douglas C-47 Skytrain, N47E
Silver Wrench
Dynamic Aviation
Bridgewater, Virginia

Best P-51
Carl Patrick
Louisville, Colorado
North American P-51D Mustang, N51ZW
Silver Wrench
Midwest Aero Restorations
Danville, Illinois

Best Transport Robert Coon
Warrenville, Illinois
Fairchild UC-61K Forwarder, N24FM
Silver Wrench
Robert Coon & James Chybicki
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Best Jet
Pacific Aero Ventures LLC
Ontario, Oregon
Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk, N518TA
Silver Wrench
Mike McDougall - Fighting Classics
Marana, Arizona

Best Primary Trainer
Dan Garyfalakis
Mono, Ontario, Canada
de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk, C-FLBT
Silver Wrench
Dan Garyfalakis
Mono, Ontario, Canada

Best L-Bird
Kenneth Schmitt
Springfield, Oregon
Piper L-4J Grasshopper, NC68925
Silver Wrench
Kenneth Schmitt
Springfield, Oregon

Returning Best of Class
Doc’s Friends Inc.
Wichita, Kansas
Boeing B-29 Superfortress, N69972

Returning Grand Champion
Keith & Kathy Brunquist
Wasilla, Alaska
Boeing YL-15 Scout, N4770C

Keep 'em Flying Award
Gerard Ricciotti
Annapolis, Maryland
Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, N256GR
Silver Wrench
Blackwell Aviation
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Keep 'em Flying Award
Mark Dilullo
Chino, California
North American SNJ-2, N415NJ
Silver Wrench
Navion Custom
Chino, California

Phoenix Award
Rod Lewis
San Antonio, Texas
de Havilland FB VI Mosquito, N474PZ
Gold Wrench
Avspecs Ltd.
Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand

Phoenix Award
Tom Reilly
Douglas, Georgia
North American XP-82 Twin Mustang, N887XP
Gold Wrench
Tom Reilly
Douglas, Georgia

Reserve Grand Champion: Post-World War II
Eddie Kurdziel
Del Mar, California
Fairey Firefly AS-6, N518WB
Gold Wrench
Q.G. Aviation of America
Fort Collins, Colorado

Reserve Grand Champion: World War II
Collings Foundation
Stow, Massachusetts
Grumman F6F Hellcat, N41476
Gold Wrench
American Aero Services
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Grand Champion: Post-World War II
Tom Reilly
Douglas, Georgia
North American XP-82 Twin Mustang, N887XP
Gold Wrench
Tom Reilly
Douglas, Georgia

Grand Champion: World War II
Rod Lewis
San Antonio, Texas
de Havilland FB VI Mosquito, N474PZ
Gold Wrench
Avspecs Ltd.
Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand


Helicopter - Bronze Lindy
James Hardy
Valley View, Texas
RotorWay A600T Talon, N660JH

Helicopter - Silver Lindy
Jeff Krall
Mitchell, South Dakota
Safari 400, N770JK

Helicopter - Gold Lindy
Josh Svenningsen & Eli Svenningsen
Menomonie, Wisconsin
Safari 400, N6710

Gyroplane - Bronze Lindy
Norman Surplus
Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland
AutoGyro MT-03, G-YROX

Gyroplane - Silver Lindy
Mark Loertscher
St. George, Utah
AutoGyro Cavalon, N502TT

Gyroplane - Gold Lindy
Russell Croman
Buda, Texas
American Ranger, N49RC


Light-Sport Aircraft - Honorable Mention
Mike Ricketts
Westerville, Ohio
Kitfox Model 3

Light-Sport Aircraft - Reserve Grand Champion
Steve Henry
Nampa, Idaho
Just Highlander, N642SC

Light-Sport Aircraft - Grand Champion
John Bobcik
Charlotte, Michigan
Kitfox S7 Super Sport, N142PF


Outstanding Metal - Plaque
Ron Bekkers
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Cessna 180, C-FGDQ

Outstanding Fabric - Plaque
Paul Wild
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Outstanding Amphibian - Plaque
Karl Neiders
Seattle, Washington
Beaver, N620N

Judges' Choice - Plaque
Alex Vickroy
Ashland, Wisconsin
Howard, N68189

Champion - Bronze Lindy
Samaritan Aviation
Mesa, Arizona
Cessna 206, N8447Q

Grand Champion - Gold Lindy
Mike Shannon
Duluth, Minnesota
S-7 RANS, N220M

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