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2021 AirVenture Lindy Awards Announced

August 1, 2021 – Hundreds of gorgeous, striking airplanes arrive at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh each and every year in hopes of winning a Lindy Award. Only a handful come away with any sort of award. Fewer still come away with a Lindy.

Awards are given out across six categories: Homebuilts, Warbirds, Vintage, Ultralights, Seaplanes, and Rotorcraft. Entrants can only be considered for one category in a given year, and are not eligible for the same or any lower-tier awards if they have won in the past.

Looks are considered in award judging, but the quality of craftsmanship inherent in the aircraft is a crucial factor as well. Careful construction and/or restoration, as well as tireless maintenance, is essential in winning a Lindy.

With all of that said, congratulations to all the 2021 award winners!


Kit Outstanding Workmanship — Plaques

Mark Baty
Georgetown, Kentucky
Van’s RV-9A, N19RV

Robert Skinner
Magnolia, Texas
Van’s RV-10, N510RS

Thomas M. and Kristin McGuinness
Wheaton, Illinois
Van’s RV-10, N119KT

Mark Beard
Essex, Maryland
Van’s RV-8, N23MB

Trace Blakely & Eric Abraham
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Van’s RV-7, N382TB

Robert Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada
Van’s RV-10, N810RK

Jeffery Erdman
Montague, Michigan
Piper PA-18 Replica, N622EX

Plans Outstanding Workmanship — Plaques

Nicholai Pfannenstiel
Montrose, Colorado
Timber Tiger Aircraft ST-L, N24NK

Michael Hoy
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Monosport 360, N5K

Ryan Newell
Canton, Ohio
Hatz CB-1, N705SR

Special Awards

Delk LLC
Galveston, Texas
Van’s RV-12, N922EN

James Tomaszewski
Clayton, Georgia
TwinJAG, N622JG

Best Aerobatic — Plaque

Shannon Hankins
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sorrell Hiperbipe, N123HX

Kit Champion — Bronze Lindy

Magic Carpet LLC
Hampton, New Hampshire
Van’s RV-8, N950RV

Robert L. Staton
Lonoke, Arkansas
Javron PA-18, N82SC

Alex Coonan
Streator, Illinois
Just Aircraft SuperSTOL, N994AC

Gary Lingbeck
Lena, Illinois
Rans S-21, N1210G

Lee Hanson
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Van’s RV-14A, N11VF

Todd Anderson
Bondurant, Iowa
Van’s RV-6, N714AT

Tom Duley
Houston, Texas
Velocity, N155FA

Randy Vanstory
New Braunfels, Texas
Van’s RV-10, N783V

Jay Jolley
Cleveland, Tennessee
CubCrafters EX-2, N128JJ

Brock L. Aldrich
Indianapolis, IN
Sonex SubSonex, N1007B

Ron Jones
San Marcos, California
Velocity, N654RJ

Plans Champion — Bronze Lindy

Carlo Cilliers
Frederick, Maryland
Hatz, N462HC

Michael Roach
Atlanta, Georgia
Steen Skybolt, N369SS

David Read
Olney, Illinois
Thorp T-18, N718DR

Reserve Grand Champion Kitbuilt — Silver Lindy

Michael Foss
Poplar Grove, Illinois
Van’s RV-8, N800MF

Reserve Grand Champion Plansbuilt — Silver Lindy

Mike Patey
Spanish Fork, Utah
Scrappy Cub, N780MM

Paul Poberezny Founder’s Award for Best Classic Homebuilt

Duayne Muhle
Columbus, Nebraska
Van’s RV-6, N910TP

Stan Dzik Memorial Award for Outstanding Design Contribution

Andrew Manilla
Park City, Utah
Van’s RV-8, N869AM

Grand Champion Kitbuilt — Gold Lindy

Darwin Barrie
Chandler, Arizona
Van’s RV-7, N717AZ

Grand Champion Plansbuilt — Gold Lindy

Lowell Manary
Montrose, Colorado
MJ51-C, N3LM


Antique (through August 1945)

Antique Continuously Maintained Aircraft

Mark McGowan
Plymouth, Michigan
1940 Taylorcraft BC-65, N24371

Customized Aircraft Runner-Up

Benjamin Redman
Faribault, Minnesota
1940 Waco UPF-7, N164

World War II Era (1942-1945) Outstanding Closed-Cockpit Monoplane

Seth Connell
Little Rock, Arkansas
1941 Piper J3C-65, N49901

World War II Era (1942-1945) Open-Cockpit Biplane

Roger Brown
St. Lucie, Florida
1942 Stearman PT-17, NC33NA

World War II Era (1942-1945) Runner-Up

Hunter H. Harris
Easton, Maryland
1942 Stearman PT-17, N909PT

Silver Age (1928-1936) Runner-Up

Bernard Harrigan
Fontana, Wisconsin
1929 Fleet 2, N431K

World War II Trainer/Liaison Aircraft Champion — Bronze Lindy

Grant Van den Heuvel
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
1943 Taylorcraft L-2, N61087

Customized Aircraft Champion — Bronze Lindy

Neal Goodfriend
Sanger, Texas
1942 Waco VKS-7F, N31674

World War II Era (1942-1945) Champion — Bronze Lindy

Frederick Stimson
Fort Worth, Texas
1944 Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing, N67716

Bronze Age (1937-1941) Champion — Bronze Lindy

Dennis Van Gheem
De Pere, Wisconsin
1937 Stinson SR-9C, N18410

Silver Age (1928-1936) Champion — Bronze Lindy

Frederick Hansen
Fox Lake, Illinois
1929 Travel Air 4D, NC692H

Antique Reserve Grand Champion — Silver Lindy

Roger James
New Carlisle, Ohio
1934 Waco YKC, NC14139

Antique Grand Champion — Gold Lindy

Mid America Flight Museum
Mount Pleasant, Texas
1929 Travel Air 6000, NC8112

Classic (September 1945-1955)

Outstanding Aeronca Champ — Small Plaque

Brandon Abel
Henderson, Nevada
1946 Aeronca 7AC, N2307E

Outstanding Beech — Small Plaque

Aaron Leyda
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
1948 Beech A35, N505B

Outstanding Cessna 170 — Small Plaque

Miles Bowen
Brighton, Michigan
1955 Cessna 170B, N3498C

Outstanding Cessna 190/195 — Small Plaque

Michael Larson
Erie, Colorado
1949 Cessna 195A, N9857A

Outstanding Ercoupe — Small Plaque

Steven Westlund
Belleville, Illinois
1946 Ercoupe 415, N2996H

Outstanding Piper J-3 — Small Plaque

David Brown
Mansfield, Ohio
1946 Piper J3C-65 Cub, NC6153H

Outstanding Piper Other — Small Plaque

Michael Crosta
Sugar Grove, Illinois
1953 Piper PA-20 Pacer, N1125C

Outstanding Stinson — Small Plaque

Jeff Thomas
Texarkana, Texas
1948 Stinson 108-3, N6717M

Custom Class A (0-85 hp) — Small Plaque

David Satina
Norton, Ohio
1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond, N4444H

Custom Class B (86-150 hp) — Small Plaque

David Smith
Milaca, Minnesota
1950 Cessna 170A, N9775A

Custom Class C (151-235 hp) — Small Plaque

Edward Warnock
Garden Valley, California
1949 Luscombe 8F, N2183B

Custom Class D (236-plus hp) — Small Plaque

Chauncey Webb
Marana, Arizona
1950 Cessna 190, N1401

Best Customized Runner-Up — Large Plaque

Walt Fanti
Greer, South Carolina
1947 Navion F, N512WD

Class I (0-85 hp) — Bronze Lindy

Aeron Fout
Melbourne, Florida
1948 Piper PA-17 Vagabond, N17VG

Class II (86-150 hp) — Bronze Lindy

Danny Simpson
Waunakee, Wisconsin
1955 Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer, N2905P

Class III (151-235 hp) — Bronze Lindy

Scott Crane
Poplar Grove, Illinois
1948 Beechcraft 35, N4560V

Class IV (236-plus hp) — Bronze Lindy

Brian Aukes
Huxley, Iowa
1953 Beechcraft D18S, NC411J

Champion Customized Classic — Bronze Lindy

James Pyne
Streator, Illinois
1947 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

Reserve Grand Champion — Silver Lindy

Ryan Johnson
Dodgeville, Wisconsin
1947 Piper J3C-65 Cub

Grand Champion — Gold Lindy

Ken Morris
Poplar Grove, Illinois
1949 Cessna 140A, N3779V

Contemporary (1956-1970)

Outstanding Beech Single-Engine — Outstanding in Type

Michael Turner
Suffolk, Virginia
1968 Beechcraft V35A, N7797R

Outstanding Cessna 150 — Outstanding in Type

Lucas Waddell
Fort Worth, Texas
1970 Cessna 150K, N6291G

Outstanding Cessna 170/172/175/177 — Outstanding in Type

Glenn Chiappe
Lago Vista, Texas
1957 Cessna 172, N8686B

Outstanding Cessna 180/182/185/210 — Outstanding in Type

Blaine Pridgen
Arnaudville, Louisiana
1959 Cessna 180, N2660G

Outstanding Champion — Outstanding in Type

Don Hendrickson
Helena, Montana
1970 Citabria 7KCAB, N9064L

Outstanding Mooney — Outstanding in Type

Daniel Johnson
Mount Hope, Kansas
1964 Mooney M20E, N6975U

Outstanding Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer — Outstanding in Type

Daniel Fulwiler
Algoma, Wisconsin
1958 Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer, N8654D

Outstanding Piper PA-24 Comanche — Outstanding in Type

Karl Aber
Fairview Park, Ohio
1959 Piper PA-24 Comanche, N6022P

Outstanding Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche — Outstanding in Type

Brett Swartzendruber
Hesston, Kansas
1963 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, N217HC

Outstanding Limited Production — Outstanding in Type

Zachary Sweetser
Orchard Park, New York
1959 Luscombe 8F, N9927C

Best Continuously Maintained — Outstanding in Type

Charles Morris
Fort Worth, Texas
1964 Cessna 172E, N5744T

Most Unique — Outstanding in Type

Blake Deal
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
1959 Aero Commander 500, N159K

Preservation Award — Outstanding in Type

Raymond Cook
Spring Grove, Illinois
1959 Piper PA-18 Super Cub, N4273S

Class I Single-Engine (0-160 hp) — Bronze Lindy

Paul Wolff
Baraboo, Wisconsin
1956 Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer, N4860A

Class II Single-Engine (161-230 hp) — Bronze Lindy

Paul Papasavas
West Orange, New Jersey
1965 Mooney M20E, N23FH

Class III Single-Engine (231-plus hp) — Bronze Lindy

Robbie Wills
Conway, Arkansas
1969 Beechcraft E33A, N2939A

Dean Richardson Memorial Award — Bronze Lindy

Dan Maggart
Winchester, Illinois
1968 Cessna 177, N3241T

Outstanding Customized — Bronze Lindy

William Hollan
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
1958 Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer, N8857D

Outstanding Multiengine — Bronze Lindy

Shannon Hankins
Tulsa, Oklahoma
1966 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, N8063Y

Reserve Grand Champion Customized — Silver Lindy

Raymond Cook
Sprung Grove, Illinois
1968 Piper PA-18 Super Cub, N4342Z

Grand Champion Customized — Gold Lindy

Keith Kocourek
Wausau, Wisconsin
1965 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, N22KK


Preservation Awards

John Schaefer
Waterloo, Illinois
Cessna O-1A Bird Dog, N413PG

Pete Bales
Janesville, Wisconsin
Hughes OH-6A Cayuse, N67PB

Lou Feldvary
Hardy, Virginia
North American T-6D Texan, N757LF

Blake Bosley
Richmond, Texas
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, N60591

Judges’ Choice: Military Transport

United States Air Force
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, 02-1099

Judges’ Choice: Light Attack Aircraft

Douglas F. Kulick
Reno, Nevada
Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, N2650A

Judges’ Choice: Brody Equipped Grasshopper

Ric Woldow
Morton, Illinois
Piper L-4, N50364

Judges’ Choice: Primary Trainer

Richard Smith
Austin, Texas
Fairchild PT-19A, N48671

Judges’ Choice: T-34

Gary Otto/CAF Wisconsin Wing
Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, N5347W

Judges’ Choice: Fighter

Warbird Heritage Foundation
Waukegan, Illinois
Goodyear FG-1D Corsair, N194G

Dirty Bird

Hunter Hamilton
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Beechcraft C-45/SNB-5, N97001

Best Military Transport

Joseph Anderson
Phoenix, Arizona
Douglas DC-3A, N8336C
Silver Wrench
Aerometal International Inc.
Aurora, Oregon

Best L-Bird

Phil Hein
Burlington, Wisconsin
Stinson L-5G Sentinel, N2584B
Silver Wrench
Fred Wright
Phoenix, Arizona

Best B-25

Betty’s Dream LLC
Minot, North Dakota
North American B-25 Mitchell, N5672V
Silver Wrench
Aero Trader
Chino, California

Best Navy Fighter

American Honor Foundation
Ocala, Florida
Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair, N240CF
Silver Wrench
American Honor Foundation
Ocala, Florida

Best T-34

Mike Reirdon
El Cajon, California
Beechcraft A-45 Mentor, N4982N
Silver Wrench
Blackwell Aviation
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Best T-6/SNJ

Daniel Van Buskirk
Bismark, North Dakota
North American T-6 Texan, N72176
Silver Wrench
Springer Aeronautics
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Best Fighter

Hannu Halminen
Orono, Ontario, Canada
North American P-51 Mustang, N951HB
Silver Wrench
Glenn Wegman Fighter Enterprises
Indiantown, Florida

Returning Best of Class — Large Plaque

Robert Stoney
Mercer Island, Washington
Cessna O-1E Bird Dog, N4848M

Returning Grand Champion — Large Plaque

Keith Brunquist
Wasilla, Alaska
Boeing YL-15 Scout, N477OC

Keep ‘em Flying Award — Large Plaque

Dan Blackwell
Irwin, Pennsylvania
Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, N557DB
Silver Wrench
Dan Blackwell
Irwin, Pennsylvania

Keep ‘em Flying Award — Large Plaque

Jimmy Hayes
Sarasota, Florida
Aero Vodochody L-39X Albatros, N395MK
Silver Wrench
Code One Aviation
Rockford, Illinois

Keep ‘em Flying Award — Large Plaque

Joe Roetering
Naples, Florida
Beechcraft T-34B Mentor, N434JR
Silver Wrench
Blackwell Aviation
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Phoenix Award

Steve Miller
Naperville, Illinois
Lockheed Airtrooper N100GR
Gold Wrench
George Robertson
Jim Fernandez
Sorrell Brothers

Reserve Grand Champion: Post-World War II — Silver Lindy

American Honor Foundation
Ocala, Florida
North American F-86 Sabre, N386BB
Gold Wrench
American Honor Foundation
Ocala, Florida

Reserve Grand Champion: World War II — Silver Lindy

Jordan Deters/CAF Minnesota Wing
Hermantown, Minnesota
Vultee BT-13A Valiant, N52411
Gold Wrench
CAF Minnesota Wing

Grand Champion: Post-World War II — Gold Lindy

James Patrick Harker
Forest Lake, Minnesota
Convair L-13A, N6615C
Gold Wrench
James Patrick Harker
Forest Lake, Minnesota

Grand Champion: World War II — Gold Lindy

Fagen Fighters WWII Museum
Granite Falls, Minnesota
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat, N9265A
Gold Wrench
Fighter Rebuilders
Chino, California


Helicopter — Bronze Lindy

Mike Gautsch
Onalaska, Wisconsin
Rotorway 162F

Reserve Grand Champion: Helicopter — Silver Lindy

Dave Storey
Finger, Tennessee
CFX Mosquito XET – Turbine, N72SX

Grand Champion: Helicopter — Gold Lindy

Michael Messex
Harvest, Alabama
Mosquito XE 290, N753MX

Grand Champion: Gyroplane — Gold Lindy

Heath Lowry
Rapid City, South Dakota
Heath Lowry Autogyro, N500WL


Ultralight Honorable Mention

Lee Fischer
Larson, Wisconsin
Skonkwerks – First Flight Flyer

Grand Champion Light Sport — Gold Lindy

Paul Ditsler
Edwardsburg, Michigan
Fisher – Dakota Hawk


Outstanding Metal — Plaque

Matthew Hermann
Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
C-FIPT Cessna 182

Outstanding Fabric — Plaque

Gordon Gilchrist
Cedar Springs, Michigan
CubCrafters EX-3, N30PG

Outstanding Amphibian — Plaque

Van Pray
Montgomery City, Missouri
Cessna 206T

Outstanding Homebuilt — Plaque

Michael Eiras
Austin, Texas
SeaRey, N17TS

Judges’ Choice

Alex Vickroy and Jesse Starkson
Ashland, Wisconsin
Beech 18, N33JP

Bronze Lindy

Cliff Maine
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lake Renegade, N704BC

Grand Champion — Gold Lindy

Doug DeVries
Everett, Washington
Grumman G-21G Turbine Goose, N642

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