Getting Here is Half the Fun

You are cleared direct, so rock your wings and land on a colored dot.

Arrival & Departure Signs

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The NOTAM specifies sign codes used to tell ground personnel your destination on Wittman Regional Airport. You need one of these signs for your arrival and another for departure. Signs can be made with dark marker on a light background and should be clearly readable from a 50-foot distance.

If you prefer, these signs can be printed on your computer using one of the following files. Just pick the signs you need and be sure to have them in your airplane for the trip to Oshkosh. Have a great flight!

Arrival Signs

Departure Signs

Homebuilt Camping (HBC)

VFR Departure (VFR)

Homebuilt Parking (HBP)

IFR Departure (IFR)

Vintage Aircraft Camping (VAC)


Vintage Aircraft Parking (VAP)

General Aviation Camping (GAC)

General Aviation Parking (GAP)

Warbird Area (WB)

FBO, Basler (FBO)

Seaplane (amphibian) Area (SP)

International Aerobatic Club (IAC) 

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