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Appareo Debuts New Stratus

By James Wynbrandt

July 25, 2018 - Appareo is debuting its Stratus 3, the fourth generation of its popular Stratus receiver, and if crowd reaction at the fly-in is any indication, it’s already a hit in Oshkosh.

The updated version brings a host of new features and capabilities to the platform, and most notably expands its compatibility with additional electronic flight bag (EFB) apps. Earlier Stratus iterations supported only ForeFlight Mobile, but Stratus 3, through its Open ADS-B mode, enables integration with any EFB using GDL 90 protocol, including WingX, FltPlan Go, FlyQ, and iFly GPS.

Kris Garberg, president of Appareo (Hangar C, Booth 3174) said the company “wanted to respond to the trend of openness in the industry” in expanding the supported apps, while it “continues working closely with ForeFlight to maintain the high performance standards pilots have come to expect.”

Stratus 3 provides subscription free weather, dual band ADS-B traffic, built-in AHRS, WAAS GPS, a flight data recorder, and patented weather replay feature allowing pilots to turn off the screen on their tablet without missing weather information. New features also include auto shut off and smart Wi-Fi. Should the pilot forget to turn it off, the unit automatically powers down if it’s moving at less than 5 knots or has less than a 3D GPS lock, conserving battery life. Smart Wi-Fi allows pilots to use 3G/4G LTE internet on an iPad/iPhone while connected to Stratus 3, eliminating the need to “forget this network” when they want to connect to cellular service while connected to the platform.

Additionally, Stratus 3 is enabled to receive the new ADS-B weather products slated to come soon from the FAA, including echo tops, lightning, icing forecast, turbulence forecast, center weather advisories, and G-AIRMETs. Previous models of Stratus receivers will also be able to receive the new FIS-B products.

Priced at $699, Appareo is also offering a trade-in program for Stratus 2S owners.

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